The Last Day

I am working with a couple of people to compile a book of stories of people’s last day drinking. If you are someone who has decided to get sober (or sobriety decided to get you!) and wants to share the story of your last day/s out there, send them to us.

What was your last day like? Funny? Tragic? Moving? Desperate? Lonely? Boring? Repetitive? Run-of-the-mill? Tell your story and email it to We are going to collect the stories and see where it goes from there. When we feel like we have enough stories to make a collection, we’ll look them over, sort them into appropriate categories, edit them for spelling/grammar, and then go about getting the necessary “permission slips”/waivers, etc.

I’m hoping to also see this become a multimedia project at some point, as well. Come and join the stories.


2 thoughts on “The Last Day

  1. I love the concept also. Is the main focus of the book from the perspective of the person who quit? Or can the story be from the perspective from someone immediately around the person who decided to quit (friend/family member)?

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