getting specific: life list

Originally posted 4.13.2013

So. I saw this 1,000 things list on Amy Guth’s blog the other day. And as is my habit, my first reaction was just pure jealousy. Like, gah. Why does she get to make this cool, rad list of shit to do? I’m sure she’s going to get to do it, too.

And then I heard the god voice: HEY! Make your own list. You’ve had a running list of shit that you’ve had floating in your head since ever. Just write it down. You’ve probably written it down on the blog before. So what? Write it down AGAIN.

She references a couple of other lists in her list. This guy’s 1,000 things list. The impossible list. How to write a life list from Chris Guillebeau, who Margaret loves.

So. I’m going to write my life list. I’m just going to start writing, and then maybe I’ll come back and re-organize. I’m going to link it to “Best of Smussyolay” so I can come back and edit, cross out, etc. I will also borrow from those other lists things I like. Here we go.

1. Learn to play guitar.
2. Ride in a hot air balloon.
3. Learn to speak fluent Spanish.
4. Learn to speak fluent French.
5. Drive a race car.
6. Drive the Autobahn.
7. Travel Europe for at least a month alone.
8. Travel Europe for three months total.
9. Obtain dual citizenship in another country.
10. Go to India.
11. Learn American Sign Language.
12. Have my own national talk show.
13. Be in a major motion picture.
14. Write and publish my book about manic-depression.
15. Write and publish my book about M*A*S*H.
16. Write and publish my memoir book(s).
17. Write and publish my book about Jesus/Christianity/spirituality.
18. Write and publish a daily meditation book.
19. Get a installation in a contemporary art museum.
20. Do a one-woman show.
21. Create a successful stand-up routine.
22. Meet Paul McCartney.
23. Meet Alan Alda.
24. Create a music festival with The Avett Brothers, Centro-Matic, Lucero, and others.
25. Write and publish my book about Frisbie.
26. Get the Avett Brothers interested in doing a book/s of sheet music for their records.
27. Get the Avett Brothers interested in doing a coffee table book of lyrics/illustrations/interviews with me.
28. Get Scott Avett to do a portrait of me.
29. Get new headshots done.
30. Lose 60 pounds.
31. Take a 500+ mile train trip.
32. Spend at least a month in Austin, TX.
33. Spend at least a month in Los Angeles, CA.
34. Spend at least a month in Portland, OR.
35. Spend at least a month in Alaska.
36. Spend at least a month in Hawaii.
37. Spend at least a year in NYC.
38. See the Redwood Forest.
39. See the Grand Canyon.
40. Go to Medieval Times.
41. Go to a Renaissance Faire.
42. Own a Greyhound.
43. Own a Wire Haired Fox Terrier or an Airedale.
44. Learn how to become a beekeeper.
45. See the Christmas Tree lighting in NYC.
46. See the Rockettes.
47. See a Broadway play during its first run.
48. Go to Thailand.
49. Learn to tap dance.
50. Learn to play harmonica.
51. Learn to play piano.
52. Read every work of Shakespeare and learn to speak intelligently about it.
53. Learn to start a fire from scratch.
54. Learn to shoot a gun.
55. Learn to waterski.
56. Visit the Vatican.
57. Visit the Eiffel Tower.
58. Visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
59. Visit the Smithsonian.
60. Visit the White House.
61. Meet Barack Obama.
62. Meet Bill Clinton.
63. See a taping of The Daily Show.
64. Meet Jon Stewart.
65. See a taping of The Colbert Report.
66. Meet Steven Colbert.
67. See a taping of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.
68. Meet Craig Ferguson.
69. Finish my “famous meetings” list.
70. Go to law school.
71. Go to seminary.
72. Take a cross-country road trip and make a film about it.
73. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.
74. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.
75. Visit the Gentle Barn.
76. Visit Cline’s Antiques.
77. Learn how to do a handstand.
78. Buy/own a graystone.
79. Own a sports car — Porsche/BMW, etc.
80. Write a screenplay.
81. Go apple picking.
82. Go strawberry picking.  Did this summer 2013 with Melisa Wells, Tracey Becker, Tracey’s daughter and my niece!!!
83. See the Northern Lights.
84. Learn to surf.
85. Have a garden.
86. Have nude pictures taken of myself.
87. Get my breasts painted for charity.
88. Record books for blind people.
89. Get paid voiceover work.
90. Visit the Holy Land.
91. Visit the Pyramids.
92. Learn CPR.
93. Travel Italy.
94. Visit the Holocaust memorials.
95. Visit historical sites in Washington DC.
96. Learn about and travel the sites of the Underground Railroad.
97. Own and raise some sheep.
98. Fast for 24 hours.
99. Do a proper juice fast/cleanse.
100. Engage in a regular yoga practice.
101. Engage in a regular meditation practice.
102. Take a cooking class.
103. Get a “good” set of knives.
104. Have a “signature” dish.
105. Visit Australia.
106. Visit Disney World.
107. Visit Disney Land.
108. Get invited to and visit Club 33.
109. Visit Costa Rica.
110. Visit Machu Picchu.
111. Do a sweat lodge with a Native American medicine man/woman.
112. Get a facial.
113. Attend a coffee club meeting in Spanish.
114. See Fleetwood Mac live in concert.
115. See James Taylor live in concert.
116. See Bruce Springsteen live in concert.
117. Go see a concert at Red Rocks.
118. Attend the Austin City Limits music festival.
119. Attend the South by Southwest music festival.
120. Attend the South by Southwest tech festival.
121. Go hang gliding.
122. See Hall and Oates live in Concert.
124. See Huey Lewis and the News live in concert.
125. Get a pedicure.
126. Ride a segway.
127. Ride a century bike ride.
128. Own a boat.
129. See the Blue Man Group.
130. See a Cirque de Soleil show.
131. Do a Polar Bear Plunge.
132. Catch up on at least 50 literary classics.
153. Own less than 500 items for a year.
154. Go have a non-alcoholic drink at the Violet Hour.
155. One at least one piece of Chanel clothing.
156. Do The Artist’s Way with at least one other person.
157. Do A Course in Miracles, all the way through for one year.
158. Read The Bible, cover to cover.
159. Read The Koran, cover to cover.
160. Try a colonic.
161. Go to a Packer Game in Lambeau Field.
162. Organize a fun flash mob.
163. Go caroling.
164. Buy a kayak and go kayaking regularly.
165. Make a cab driver documentary.
166. Get involved with Improv Everywhere.
167. Own one piece of really nice jewelry.
168. Learn how to swing dance.
169. Learn how to apply a smoky eye shadow.
170. Finish my bachelor’s degree.
171. Learn Reiki.
172. Learn how to/go scuba diving.
173. Learn how to be proficient in horseback riding.
174. Have high tea at the Peninsula.
175. Stay a weekend at the Drake Hotel.
176. Create Sleepover 2.0.
177. Go to Cedar Point.
178. Ride the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel.
179. Visit the Statue of Liberty.
180. Visit the St. Louis Arch.
181. Go to every baseball stadium in the United States/Canada.
182. See Mt. Rushmore.
183. Visit the National Parks.
184. Travel the length of the 101.
185. Travel Route 66.
186. Learn to knit.
187. Learn to code.
188. Get ordained on the internet. Universal Life 8.25.13
189. Get real ordained.
190. Get a tattoo of some Beatles lyrics.
191. Get a Chicago tattoo.
192. Get a tattoo that has realistic bees and flowers.
193. Get a tattoo of two swallows holding a banner that says “Love and tolerance of others is our code.”
194. Earn a million dollars.
195. Have a year’s worth of savings in the bank.
196. Become completely debt free.
197. Visit all of the Scandinavian countries.
198. Trace my ancestry. Started an account on 12.26.13.
199. Purchase an inversion table.
200. Visit the Newberry Library.
201. Visit the Garfield Conservatory.
202. See a performance in Radio City Music Hall.
203. Visit the Louvre.
204. Visit MOMA.
205. Own a first edition copy of the book Alcoholics Anonymous.
206. Own a pair of Chuck Taylors in every color.
207. Assemble a basic wardrobe list of very high quality items.
208. Get a high quality, expensive mattress.
209. Learn how to sing harmony.
210. Learn how to heel-toe shift.
211. Learn basic graphic design.
212. Walk some portion of the Appalachian Trail.
213. Perform in a play. Was in a production of Sweetie Maude this fall as a chorus member.
213a. Perform in a play in a major role.
214. Properly cut a grass lawn.
215. Put together all my mementos into proper scrapbooks.
216. Get an agent for print/commercial work.
217. Buy a piece of original art that is worth at least $500. (12.2013 — I did commission a piece of original art that was much less than $500, but I still did that.)
218. Own/ride a Vespa-ish scooter (if not a Vespa outright).

I’m going to publish this, but I will definitely be back to add to it, since I’m thinking of more things to add, all day, every day. To be continued …



it’s weird. i’m doing some holiday card stuff, and i am making a list of people i’d like to send cards to. my mind was all — mike kaminski … “is not going to be around to get my card.” it’s funny how often i think of him, think i see people on the street who look like him. especially since we went through periods of not talking or hanging out. but then we would hang out a ton.

i had a dream about him last night. he was around, walking around, talking. and i was so confused in the dream. was he really alive? did he somehow fake his own death? why would he do that? i don’t remember what happened regarding that. i don’t know if he disappeared or what. but, it is striking how often i think of him. it seems so unthinkable that i’ll just never see him again.

frankly, it’s one of the reasons i actually like open casket funerals (which don’t seem to be done as much these days or in the city as much as back home). it affords me the chance to look at the person’s body and realize that the body in the casket isn’t them. it was a shell to carry the person’s spirit and soul and that is what made them them. it wasn’t that body. it makes me know that their spirit and soul aren’t being laid to rest … that will always be with me and with others who have had the opportunity to know the person. it provides a closure that’s very spiritual in nature for me.

yeah. i’m still feeling my friend’s death. it’s subtle and dull, but that’s okay. it means that i have feelings back and that we had a real friendship. and that’s never a bad thing.

psychic cycles

i am pretty tuned into all sorts of metaphysical things. psychic energies, premonitions, dream things, esp, etc. it’s funny, cause it’s always with me, but it goes in cycles, too. when it starts up, all of a sudden it will get hot and heavy for a month or so. i’m in a hot streak right now.

thinking about people calling me and having them call within two minutes. thinking about people and texting them and having them call me while i’m texting them. being on the way to meet someone and running into them on the way. it’s on, baby. it’s on.

i like it.

who knows the significance?

i’ve seen a bunch of dead birds recently. two dead pigeons and then i thought, man … what’s up with that? if i see another … and then i saw another smushed dead pigeon. i remember i had a little spree last year or so when i saw a bunch of dead birdies. i believe that sometimes running into the same animal over and over can be a portent of something. often times, i haven’t a clue what.

sometimes, people take on animals as their … i can’t remember what that’s called — their totem animal. i don’t know what mine would be exactly. i love sheep, but i don’t know if it would be my totem. i’m the year of the tiger in chinese astrology for whatever that’s worth. pisces is two fish, and i love the water. i don’t really know. i’d have to think on that some.

i like things that other people don’t, though. dandelions and pigeons, for instance. people say that dandelions are weeds. i like them. and people in the city hate pigeons — “they’re dirty,” “they’re rats with wings,” etc. i like them. they are still birds and they sometimes have really pretty iridescent rainbow colors on them and they go “coo coo.” so, there.

i have flying dreams sometimes. but they’re strange flying dreams. i am pretty sure that my flying dreams have to do with self-will. my flying is very self-willed. sometimes, it’s easy, but a lot of the time, it’s very self-powered, and often is anxiety causing, because i need to be able to will myself to fly to get away from people and things or whatever. or sometimes, i’m flying and then i realize that i am and then it gets tricky from there. it’s hard to explain what i mean.

so. dreams. birds. death. totems. more random posts from me. in part to clean out some old drafts, and in part to hit the 2,000 mark for my three year anniversary.

secret dreams

an interesting combination of ideas on the smussyolay. according to the secret, when you think about things and send them out into the universe, you create them. remember my post about the mash episode, “dreams” and how i never, ever see it on tv?

i had my hands on the season eight DVD set in borders the other day, but chose to buy the secret instead. well, kids … ninjagrl emailed me TONIGHT to tell me she was at home, watching the episode on tv. i refuse to believe that’s a coincidence. seriously.


okay. here’s how you know you are new to this blog: you have no idea that i am obsessed with M*A*S*H and/or alan alda. i am. so, we’ve gotten that out of the way.

i watched the reruns with my father before dinner for years. and since then, if it’s an option on the tv, it’ll take a real challenge to beat it out on my remote control.

i can opine about the show for hours, probably. i should probably get a master’s degree in something so that i can write a thesis on M*A*S*H. really. anyway, all of that is to say that i love the show and know a bit about it without being super obsessive (like some simpsons/star trek/seinfeld fans) — i don’t know rank and serial number of each character, and shit like that. i’m more obsessed with the ideas and theories of the show and the character studies. that sort of thing.

so. there’s always been one episode that has haunted me (literally) in several ways. one, because it was really fucking frightening. i distinctly remember some really freaky scenes from it — it seems like it really impressed on my small childhood brain. (and people wonder why i don’t see horror/thriller/slasher/scary/violent movies. duh.) but the other reason is that even though i have seen the show in reruns many times over (going from the beginning of the show to the end of the show, including the 2 1/2 hour season finale) — i have never seen this episode again.

i found out today that it is called “dreams.” it was originally aired february 18, 1980. it was the 22nd episode in the 8th season. given that date, i *may* have seen it the first time — i would have been nearly 6 years old.

anyway, i remember things like margaret in a bloody wedding dress, something going really wrong with father mulcahy’s sermon and something to do with someone missing an arm. and i would ask people about this episode and NO ONE knew what the fuck i was talking about. no one*. probably because they’ve never seen it aired. god knows i never have.

*it’s like kalaka. i’ve been asking people about this fucking thing for years. it was this public service announcement in wisconsin in the 70’s for carpooling. it showed noah’s ark and these animals and they said the word for carpooling was “kalaka.” and i totally remember this and NO ONE ELSE does. well check THIS, bitches! someone put it on urban dictionary. thank god. i can’t figure out how to email this woman, though. and of course, she’s from milwaukee, yo. good times.

man, this is my day of validation. sweet.