there are other ways to fight

I’ve been trying to blog over at Chicago Now at An Unquiet Chicagoan, doing the spotlight on what it’s like to live with manic-depression thing, so I’ve not been so bloggy over here, but I haven’t been super consistent here recently, anyway, truth be told. But, I did want to maintain a separate blog presence here, and I hope to continue to do so.

I have something today that definitely isn’t mental illness related, but still is super smussyolay. It’s something that struck me just now and something I want to write about. I saw someone post something on the old FB about how they were celebrating Labor Day weekend, and then I remembered — HEY! It’s Labor Day weekend.

Then, it struck me … it’s Labor Day weekend. Where are all the posts about how much the people before us have sacrificed for us to get us … a WEEKEND? Where are all the posts of gratitude and thanks and pictures of past strikers and riots and details about people who DIED so we could have weekends and eight hour days and 40-hour work weeks and the end of child labor and the beginning of overtime and government oversight?

There aren’t any. It’s crickets. It’s either:

Continuing posts about Miley Cyrus and twerking OR

If there are posts about politics it’s about how the government is going to continue our brutal rampage throughout the world and invade/attack/reign hellfire on Syria. How we are gearing up for yet another war.

No one is talking about why we celebrate this weekend as a honor to those who have come before us (yes! Unions!) and why we are in dire need to help more people get back into situations where they can avail themselves of organized labor (better minimum wage! health benefits! the ability to organize!). Instead, people — regular, hardworking people, who are barely scraping by themselves — people who are losing their vacations and weekends and eight hour workdays, too — are being brainwashed that these things are keeping them down somehow and that they will suffer if everyone is granted access to a better wage and healthcare. They, too, will lose their jobs and be at a disadvantage if companies have to pony up and treat people with dignity and respect.

You know who will lose anything — and then, just a little? The multinational companies. The huge billion dollar companies. It’s couched that the little guys will be forced to lay off workers or close completely. BUT — if the people who made obscene amounts of money actually PAID THEIR TAXES, this wouldn’t be an issue. Don’t you see?

The Republicans talk about personal responsibility all the time. How everyone should be responsible for their own shit, for taking care of business and handling stuff like a MAN, damnit! But these same people are the ones who allow corporations (who, apparently are people, in their eyes) to essentially act like the welfare queens they so bitterly despise. The corporations act like the most hateful stereotype the Republicans drag out, time and time again. Corporations, smoking crack, using food stamps, living in our house on our dime. And laughing in our faces. Oh, and did I mention, being heinous felons who commit crime after crime showing absolutely NO remorse? Yeah, that.

You don’t have to be a brave man or woman serving this military to fight for your country. Maybe you’re working a minimum wage job (or two) and are working with a local union organizer to try and get people interested in joining a union. If you are, I salute you. I honor you. That’s hard and scary work on so many levels. And it’s needed very badly right now. Much more so than sending people off to made up wars to die or come back maimed and permanently scarred in myriad of ways, and then left to fend for themselves.

The first union organizers fought in a variety of ways, often physically. Sometimes, they paid with their lives. I hope that the people fighting now fight so they get their lives back. Do your part — get your Labor Day groceries at Costco, yeah?


29 thoughts on “there are other ways to fight

  1. The minute the unions got controlled by thugs and the mob, their day in the sun was over.

  2. Ah Eric, why ruin a good rant with facts. I was hoping someone would burst her bubble so I didn’t have to. We just had a situation here with a good employer restaurant that is non-union. Thug union guys, drinking at 8:00 in the morning no less stopped people just trying to make a buck from getting into the restaurant. Great quote from my union loving neighbor. “And that’s what’s wrong with unions today”.

  3. Is it a rant? Why does it have to be a rant? Here’s the diff — Costco might be non-union, but they pay their employees a living wage and take care of them. Wal-Mart is non-union and are all the reasons we still need unions today. If everyone operated the way Costco does, we wouldn’t need unions. Ditto Starbucks. I’m pretty sure their employees aren’t part of a service union — but they don’t NEED to be. They get health insurance. They aren’t being threatened at every turn.

  4. Please stop with the Norma Mae rhetoric. I love the libs “living wage” crap. They never define it. OK here’s a shocker for you. Do you know why the Unions are all against Obamacare? Come back with the correct answer. It doesn’t make your Jimmy Hoffa guys look good. Unions did a lot of good, especially in the mines, but they weren’t meant to keep terrible employees employed, which is what their number one goal is at this point. Because every fired employee is a negative on their membership, which just keeps dwindling. Throw out the public sector and the unions are through.

  5. Simple. Most places in the country $10. Here in the city, should be $15. Done deal. Yeah, Obama just really makes me super sad at this point. Like sad.

  6. Believe it or not your wage proposals are reasonable and something I could get behind. I’ll quit with Obama on you for a while. I have a guy who offices next to me that makes you look like Ted Nugent. It’s no fun beating him up anymore. He has thrown in the towel on Obama. I get it people had all this hope, and he turns out to be the same old same old. Real reason for Syria? Conspiracy theories are he does really want to help Al Quida, which all reports say we would be doing since they are the opposition. Me? I think it’s simpler, he wants to take people’s mind off the disaster of Obamacare, which now even by Durbin standards appears to be just that, a disaster.

  7. Well well, guess what Norma Rae Smuss? Public sector unions are disbanding in Wisconsin. Why you ask? Because of the new law that says 51% of mebers have to approve the union, and they aren’t getting those numbers. This will be great, the libs who supposedly are all about choice will somehow not support this choice. This proves what they have said for years, when put to an actual vote people will vote union membership down.

  8. Well smuss facts are facts. Look at the premiums. Up almost 50% for a family of 4, 100% for males. this is what I predicted almost 5 years now. Employers dropping plans, laying off and making people part time.Thanks big ears for nothing.

  9. Smuss I hope you are following the Obamacare debacle. Broken websites, People hired to “help” who know nothing. Just great more government workers who are clueless. But I forgot this isn’t about me, however is it about the millions who will take it up the rear, and not in a voluntary colonoscopy. Worse care, higher premiums, much higher deductables, and paying taxes on your employer health care. I am so happy we are doing our part for the collective whole. Not to mention Rhambo now looking to make Chicago the highest taxed city on numerous fronts. You keep asking when will corporate greed end? When will all the taxes end?

  10. Watching this train wreck yet? Mr transparency and hopey changey is lying through his teeth. Now the Dems want to delay this for a year past their elections. Bwahahaha!

  11. Smuss, this is probably my last response to a post. First you really need to get post more if you want followers. Again twitter has harmed this immensely. Here is what I would love to see from you though, now that Obamacare is proving to be what many feared. Hundreds of thousands of cancellation notices sent to people and they are told get your care through Obamacare. The Admin knew about all these things but said nothing so Mr. Hopey Changey could get elected again. Now Germany problems because of NSA. Just one post from you about how he has been at worst horrible and at best a non-factor would be a joy to see. Either way take care of yourself, and really try to do more definitive writing, not just Twitter jibes. I have seen your stuff on Facebook. Really good, but rough around the edges. And that’s what you need to hear. You have a ton of raw talent but you need a pro to help you. People just patting your back all the time isn’t going to be constructive for you.

  12. I lied one more after 60 Minutes last night. The most Liberal show of all time comes to the conclusion both Mr. Transparency himself and the Queen of the Dems lied about Benghazi, and that it was a very legitimate scandal that really didn’t get the negative press it should have. Boy what a shocker. Nice Saturday Night Live soft ball job on Obamacare too.

  13. Crickets? From the biggest Obama apologist of all time. Now this is somehow all Sebellius’s fault? New memos released by CNN that shows Obama knew. Boy oh boy Obama getting skewered by, Stewart, Matthews and Madcow. Finally after 6 years the transparent one does indeed have no clothes.

  14. And I quote “if you like your insurance you can keep your insurance, if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” Bwahahahaha! as doctors drop out like flies and at least 5% get cancelled. The Lying King.

  15. Boy I’m just all giddy with glee. Stewart just scorched Obama on Obamacare and all the scandals. Saying basically big ears is the most out of touch pres of all time or the biggest liar since Nixon. Either way it’s bad. I said when he first got elected he would go down as one of the worst and that is what will happen. The guy is an old fashioned flim flam or snake oil salesman. Ask anyone that knows him from the south side. What say you Obamabot?

  16. Smuss are you gassing the car and pointing to Canada? All Dems up for re-election had an emergency meeting with Obama. After Virginia they feel they are all vulnerable because of his lies. Mikulski the biggest lib next to Pelosi said there is serious credibility problem with Obama. Get the car warmed up. 2016 Repub House, Senate and White House.

  17. Quack, Quack, Quack. Hear that? No it’s not the Aflac duck it’s the start of the lame duck Obama presidency. He so called fix is worse than the problem. 2014 Dems are running from him like wildfire.

  18. You can’t make this up. Jessica Sanford introduced as the poster child for Obamacare can’t afford it. Agents in Benghazi forced to sign non-disclosure agreements immediately after attack. Quack quack quack

  19. Like I said better and better. Now liberal CNN is reporting the WH manipulated unemployment numbers down right before the election. What a joke this guy is.

  20. It’s a Saturday Night skit. Sebellius tries to show how much the site has improved and it crashed on her today. I am so tired of the media if this were Bush he would be getting skewered. The best Big ears has is to blame Fox News. How sad, Quacking away for the next 3 years.

  21. Well the Dec. 1st deadline that Obama said would fix it all actually shows system to be worse. I’m do glad he decided to visit the fasting protestors. That’s all this guy knows how to do is campaign.

  22. Obama says “i never met my uncle”. OOPS! Now he says lived with him for 3 weeks during his Harvard days and met with him on a regular basis. This guy lies more than a duck craps, and I would know how much a duck craps.

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