new chapter

So. I have a second blog. And I mean, a real second blog. Not the tens of blogs I’ve started and never done anything with over the years. It’s called An Unquiet Chicagoan, and it’s hosted over at Chicago Now. It’s a riff on An Unquiet Mind, and it’s my journey to, through, and with manic-depression. Stop by.

I hope that you come check out my Facebook page and that you read both site — I am going to genuinely endeavor to keep writing here about things NON manic-depression related. I just thought it was time to step up and really try and focus on something that might help me write/get that book and that can help others. Hopefully, with a bigger platform, things will start moving.

I don’t know if it was/is the right thing to do, and I definitely want to keep up with The Smussyolay. Here’s to new adventures.


4 thoughts on “new chapter

  1. Advocate for mental illness? Coming from a self-proclaimed wordsmith, that just doesn’t seem right. Also don’t fall into the trap of everything can be explained away. Sometimes there is no answer and people are just bad.

  2. Where do I say that? I’d like to change it to say “advocate for those with mental illness.” I can’t find it on the blog, though.

  3. well maybe it’s you didn’t say it, but it says “facebook page for author and mental illness advocate”.

  4. Yeah Obama was supposed to be a new chapter. Sounded just like Bush today. Bwahaha!

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