well, then

So much to write about. Food stamps. Trayvon. Self-image. Women’s rights. All sorts of stuff. I hope to tackle some over the next few days, but I’m trying to just get a post in — I don’t know why I find it so terribly hard to be consistent. Again, because part of me is always censoring — although, I don’t know why. I’m not getting jobs either way.

I see my friends write about cancer and being single moms and I ask myself for the millionth time — “Why not just write about your life as real as it gets?” These people have blogs on ChicagoNow, they have thousands of readers, they aren’t suffering from being real. And, over the years, I certainly haven’t shied away from being an open book.  I don’t think closing it now is really helping anything.

So, be on the lookout for the aforementioned topics. As well as therapy and healthcare and fear and anxiety and love and hope and trust and spirituality. All of that.  Time to start back at the beginning, maybe.


5 thoughts on “well, then

  1. Great title.
    Going public in Public is daunting for most every one, writer or not.

  2. What’s there to comment on? Sad their marriage is ending, hope it works out for everyone involved.

  3. Hope you’ll be commenting on the food stamp scandal in NY and I am sure many other cities.

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