killin’ it

Today was a magnificent day. Stayed up late, slept in a bit, got up at 10 a.m. (which isn’t always the case after a 2 a.m. bedtime). Went to the beach with C, came back and enjoyed a delicious fruit/vegetable/hummus/cheese/foccacia plate that she whipped up. Lovely having a roommate who knows how to cook. 

Then, she went off to do errands, and I did some stuff here at the house. Then, back to the beach (in the water every time!) with D. We hung out and then it was time for some pre-coffee club dinner — Thai Kung Pow Chicken and then coffee club proper. The particular meeting made me a little restless for a variety of reasons, but I hung tough until the end.

Then kidnapped D and C (in C’s car) and went to Scooter’s for frozen custard. Delish. And there were a bunch of dogs getting dog cones, which was so cute.  Back to the house, then a quick flash of night beaching (water for the third time!).

It was a good day. Friends, fellowship, sun, water, and good meals. Yay.


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