laid to rest

Memorial Day. Start of summer. Nod to wear white. Day of picnics and BBQs. A reason for endless sales. The twin of Labor Day; constantly being confused and inverted, and equally misunderstood by those who are just so thrilled to have a three-day weekend.

But Memorial Day is to honor the fallen men and women who have served in actions past and current; it is a somber holiday if you really soak it all in. What makes it even more bitter to me is that by all rights, so many of those people should never have died.

Not because they were inherently better than someone else, or because there was a mistake — a plan gone wrong. But merely because in so many circumstances, we just shouldn’t have been where we were, trying to accomplish what we were trying to accomplish (and failing, many times).

It’s because people who ever-increasingly don’t have a stake in the matter send *other* people’s sons and daughters into perilous situations without a second thought. Because we do not learn from history — ours or other countries’. Because we insist that we have the only way to live and try to get to see others to see it — by any means necessary. All of these reasons are not reasons to fight. And there are so many more ridiculous reasons that people use to justify these deaths every day.

In the last half of the 20th century and the beginning of the new millenium, there’s really nothing but our own fear, pride, greed and ego that send us traversing the globe, fighting unwinnable fights. It’s not saving the world from slavery or fighting Hitler. It’s us sticking our nose in other countries’ business and lying to convince the American people we’re doing the right thing.

What I find so fascinating (and by fascinating, I mean perplexing and infuriating and ridiculous) is the people on the right who are just CRAZED about the four deaths in Benghazi. Never mind that there were many embassy/consulate attacks under Bush (with many more casualties) OR that whatever ‘cover-up’ these people imagine went down *pales* in comparison to the litany of lies that Bush/Cheney told to get a war in Iraq. And that’s IF there was a cover-up, which seems dubious in light of the non-evidence. But, even if it was stone-cold calculated cunning, it is a pittance compared to the whole of the Bush Administration.

But, that’s not really even my point — Bush, Obama, all of the people in power. As the prison-industrial complex grows at an alarming rate, the war machine continues to crank out machines to kill and wars to fight. And all without a thought of the actual humans who are fighting them OR on the unfortunate end of the fallout.

Some people probably won’t care for the political tone of this post, but you know what? Bring the troops home. That’s a good way to stop anymore from dying.


8 thoughts on “laid to rest

  1. I wish it were that simple. I wish that there wasn’t human trafficking and poverty so crippling that young boys join military groups simply to be able to eat every day. I wish that bringing our troops home would save them and us. I don’t know that it’s that simple. This coming from a pacifist who looks at every soldier as not just a man or woman but as someone’s baby. Across the world, through every generation, since man first learned to “own” something; we’ve fought each other mercilessly. My heart goes out to every person who has ever lost a loved one to a war; be it a “necessary” one, or not.

  2. This is great the Obamabots are reduced to “he’s not as bad as Bush”. Please this was the guy that was going to change it all, and what evidence are you even talking about in Benghazi? The evidence is clear that he left them to die and then tried to say it was unrest over a video. Now the IRS, Fast and Furious, Solyndra and their minions. Holder lying through his teeth. I have a very good friend that is left of Nancy Pelosi who even admits the scandals are his own. Please stop with Bush and let big ears take responsibility for his own actions. My God even Chris Matthews wants a full investigation with the IRS stuff.

  3. Bush is the one that got us into the wars, which is what this post was about — so I can only hope Obama brings them home. But I doubt it. My point about Benghazi is … seriously? This is what’s going to have these people talking for months and months in this strange “let’s impeach him” outrage? When they had no such outrage about the same things that happened under Bush. That’s where he’s coming into play here. They’re being flat-out hypocrites.

  4. Of course it is just so much easier to blame Bush, than to accept the fact the Messiah has been a failure at worst and neutral at best. Much easier to say that the Repubs are ruining his fantastic legacy, than to admit he had 2 free years of a Dem House and Senate. And why isn’t Guantanomo closed? Mr big campaign promise. Oh right Bush is hiding the key and they can’t get in. Bwahahahaha. Holder spied on journalists, that is despicable, even Madcow is outraged over that. Now top liberal Dems are saying Obamacare is going to be a train wreck. What a shock. But at least we have Michelle’s garden.

  5. Love the hypocrite reference too. Let’s see gas $2.50 a gallon, all Bush’s fault. Gas now by my house $4.50, and the liberal response? “The president has no control over that”

  6. News flash. NY Times biggest Obama Apoligists of all time says “administration has lost all credibility”. Get prepared for a Repub house senate and WH in 16. Bwahahahaha!

  7. Now the NSA and Hillarygate. It just gets better and better. Blowhard Moore is done with Obama. Whose left to support this guy other than the Grant Park Obamabots?

  8. Still no comment from the biggest Obamabot of all time? Approval rating lower than Bush and it has nosedived with Dems. Now Attkisson and CBS has confirmed her computer was hacked while she was investigating Benghazi and Fast and Furious. Hopey Changey has really stuck his foot in the dog doo. But he reads a Teleprompter so well

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