i did a terrible job

Of keeping up with the blog since I was brought on to the Listen To Your Mother cast. Oh, that’s all I’m going to say on that before my head starts whipping up a great shame spiral as per usual.

But, the show is on Sunday, and there are still tickets available. 10% of the proceeds go to benefit the Greater Chicago Food Depository, which is also rad — if you’re coming and you have canned goods or toothpaste/deodorant and want to donate them, go ahead and bring them along!

I have a lot of friends and family coming — I don’t know why that always surprises me. That people want to come see me do good things. I’m a little nervous that my family is coming — they haven’t seen me on a stage in god knows how long AND the story I’m telling is about my real, live mother. So, we’ll see.

But I’m sort of not worried because the stories of all the other women — 16 besides myself — are going to just blow them away. They are funny and sad and hopeful and introspective and crazy and lovely and just fucking hilarious. I never could have guessed that I was going to be just falling in love with such a diverse, interesting, genuine group of women. I feel like I got a bunch of new besties and I wasn’t expecting that at all. What a lovely surprise.

The other thing they are really amazing about is support. Whether it be a shitty day, questions about wardrobe for the show, lamentations about life or just being a big nerdo spaz, they are just there for me, and we’re all there for each other. I feel like we’re constantly falling all over ourselves to show the love, and that’s just really nice. It’s hard for someone like me to be able to take all the compliments and love heading my way — “I love your laugh.” “I love your stripey socks.” “You’re so funny.” — but I’m working on it. I think this must be part of the lesson for me here. I’ve performed plenty, and this will be an honor as per usual, but I think what I’m getting out of this experience is meant for my soul rather than my stage presence. And that’s great.

So, come on out. Come see these ladies tell their stories with grace and dignity and delightful laughter. Come shed a tear or two and laugh it up with us. We can’t wait to meet all of you.


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