i can’t shut up about it

That fucking flu. Guess it’s going around again. A particularly “nasty” strain as people are deeming it. The hospitals are full, according to some articles I’m reading on the internets. I’m curious about all of that. As I’ve contended in the past, normal, healthy people just don’t die from the flu.

Yes, people get struck by lightning. Shit happens that normally doesn’t. People go downhill and complications happen. But the fact that a lot of people are on Facebook talking about succumbing to and then recovering from this crazy, wicked flu indicates to me that by and large the flu isn’t the killer that a lot of people are scared into the fearmongers into making it out to be.

What gets even more interesting that in one of the Facebook threads, a healthcare worker who *did* get the flu shot (they were required to) mentions that the nasty strain that everyone is getting … *wasn’t included in the shot that everyone got this year.* Ah, you don’t say.

My contention is simple. If you are in the statistical portion of the population where the flu isn’t going to kill you (which, again, is much larger than someone — who? the CDC? the flu vaccine makers? — wants you to believe), then it is much better for you to get the flu every decade or so and be inoculated by the actual virus, thereby immunizing you more thoroughly and accurately than to receive a flu shot once a year.

Let me use an analogy I think is apropos: When a body is forced to deal with the flu virus that is going around ‘in the wild,’ it is called to rally the troops in an all-out war. The body will lose some battles. It might get knocked down a bit. It will be vulnerable and weak and will call upon all of its resources to win, just like any army would. There will be some casualties and war is never pretty. The high fever, wracking cough and incredible fatigue aren’t a joke.

But after the battles are lost, the war *is* won and the body’s immune system — the platoons of troops — are fully schooled in the art of war and the strategies of their enemy. They will not soon forget. They will know for next time. And the next time the enemy comes calling, the intruder won’t stand a chance. Not only will the body better know how to fight the enemy flu, but it will know how to more quickly raise more troops to fight the cause.

In kind, my issue with the flu shot is that it’s like training a military using 90% blank rounds and last year’s equipment. Yes, you lessen the chances that no one will have to go down, but you also lessen the chances that your troops will actually know how deal with a real fire fight. Not to mention the fact that if the big guns *do* come calling, they will be undisciplined. The current troops will think they have been trained in how to fight an enemy flu, but they won’t have a clue about what is about to strike — especially when the new crop of trainees has mutated. They have better, newer equipment. They’ve been around the block. All the body’s troops have been exposed to are a shadow of these flu strains.

And when everyone keeps getting the flu shot, they are contributing to this immune system weakening on a large scale. It allows super strains to catch hold much easier, since the bodies of those vaccinated have no clue how to battle them. They only have the training of battling one or two weak versions of the flu. Strains that are scientifically GUESSED ON by scientists and made into flu shots on any given year.

Now, there are legitimate concerns about getting the flu. One is that there are lots and lots of people who absolutely cannot afford to take a week off to rest and recuperate from a bout of the flu. That is a crying shame, people. A crying shame. While getting the flu IS fucking terrible, it is even more terrible that people cannot get legitimately sick in this country because they are too afraid of how it will look to their boss or more horribly, because they won’t be able to feed their kids or pay their rent if they stay home.

This increases the problem exponentially because then you just have people coming to work sick and spreading disease to their co-workers, and so on and so on. Disastrous in every sense of the word. I wish my “just get the flu” theory wasn’t so easily thrown off by financial woes and worries. However, I will hedge my bets and refuse a flu shot nonetheless.


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