who cares, it doesn’t matter anyway. you’re wrong, dead wrong.

I don’t think it’s any secret that I favor President Obama over his opponent, Governor Romney. Of course, I have a vested interest in seeing things like rights for women, rights for gays, keeping jobs in this country and healthcare accessiblity go the way that i think they should. I deeply, deeply want this president to win. So there’s my bleeding heart, socialist bias.

But, it really bugs me when I hear people say that it “doesn’t matter” if they vote, or “the two parties are the same, so it doesn’t make a difference,” or … anything that is contrary to voting at all.I am already an incredibly strong believer in voting and the right to vote and how much it means. Women didn’t the vote until the early 20th century. Many black people *technically* had the right to vote, but they were disenfranchised at every turn and often with threats of fear and violence. I was always taught that being involved in our political system was a huge thing to be taken seriously. So, I have that background.

I know this is a weird way to get hit with the gravity of our right (and duty) to vote, but let me tell you a story — I was flipping channels the other day and there was a show on called “The Changing of the White House” or something like that. It was about the White House Staff and how they flip around the White House in less than 2 days after an inauguration. It’s crazytown. I was upset at first — “Why are they showing this? Do they mean to intimate that they’ll be changing the White House over in a week? Better not.” And then I heard one of the long time staffers say something that impacted me profoundly. He said something to the effect that it’s a testament to our democracy that we have such seamless transitions of power, without violence or mayhem.

And my world was rocked for a second. That’s right, we do. Even in the most ridiculous of election grabs (GWB, anyone?), there still weren’t people rioting in the streets or trying to overthrow the government. Maybe that’s not as good of a thing as I want it to be, but by and large, I think it is. I think it’s a great good that we believe in democracy enough to let it do its job. However, it can ONLY do its job if we do ours — if we vote! I know that both Obama and Romney look and feel similar enough to some people to let them leave them both behind. But there *are* other candidates and there are other things to vote on besides the office of the President. Many of them are initiatives and laws in your own state and city. Please don’t think it doesn’t matter. It so very much does.


8 thoughts on “who cares, it doesn’t matter anyway. you’re wrong, dead wrong.

  1. 4 years ago I said things would be worse, and they are. Romney is a terrible candidate but yet neck and neck with this guy. And don’t tell me it’s racist. Romney is getting 60% of the white vote and Obama 95% of the black vote. Run for Canada in 4 years because you will have the triple threat. Repub WH, House and Senate. Who’s your new friend by the way. I know you don’t remove posts, but you might want to rethink that rule.

  2. Well I can go to sleep. The repubs have increased their lead in the House. So another 4 years of nothing. The only hope was to get the Dems to get all 3. Not that I’m a big Dem, I’m not, I actually voted for Gary Johnson, but at least there would have been movement. So when the tears are flowing with big ears and another hope speech, keep crying since he will get nothing done. Wait until the House refuses to fund Obamacare. Good night and good news.

  3. One of the many things I don’t like Obama is this. He doesn’t have any type of mandate with winning by the slim margin he did, but he acts like he does. When Nixon defeated McGovern by a huge margin he said the most humbling thing about being elected was that roughly half the country didn’t vote for you. Reagan said much the same after shallacking Mondale. Obama? Talks like he won every electoral college vote and the popular vote 3-1. My dearest liberal friend is very worried about the triple threat I am predicting in 16.

  4. Here’s how to fund it:

    back down the military budget 20%.

    That gets us 142.2 billion right away.

    Done deal, actually nets a surplus.

    Next step:

    Cap “defense” spending at 2% GDP by five years out (currently at 4.7%)

  5. I don’t have a problem with that, but that’s not what I was getting at. The Repubs will just not vote a budget in that funds it.

  6. Speaking of voting, Obama got 10 mil less votes and Romney 2 mil less than McCain. This country is way more fragmented than when the great unifier took over 4 years ago. Those numbers tell you 2 things, one apathy and with 10 mil less votes, people just didn’t come out. They didn’t want to vote for Obama but they didn’t want Romney either, so they stayed home and let the chips fall where they may. Boeing announces huge cuts the day after the election, the drone story got buried until after the election. The libs would be up in arms over this stuff if it were Bush, and now Sandy is looking a lot like Katrina, but nothing is ever hopey changey’s fault.

  7. You are correct it does matter. We now have Obamacare, maybe if funded, and now many companies are saying they are already going to fire people or reduce people to part-time so they don’t have to comply. But the great one assured me this wouldn’t happen.

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