I went to a really nice birthday party for my friend, Brooks, tonight. There was amazing cuban food and awesome flamenco dancers and it was a beautiful night (got 16 miles in on the bike).

But one thing I’ve noticed is that people have turned “Happy Birthday” into a fucking funeral dirge. I don’t know if it’s just the people in coffee club or what (there were lots of non-clubbers there tonight), but my lord. It’s already a shitty song and prone to make lots of people sing out of tune, but can’t we pick up the pace??

The way people draw it out and sing terribly is just awful. I mean, we’re celebrating someone’s life (and/or anniversary) — not sending them to their death by walking the plank or on the way to an executioner.

A lot of people don’t know it, but “Happy Birthday to You” is not in the public domain and filmmakers can be charged around $10,000 to put it in a movie.

I don’t really need a techno version, but the general pace of this seems more right than anything I could find on the old interwebs.

But the point is, Happy Birthday to Brooks and the *eight*! other friends I had who had a birthday today.


2 thoughts on “HBD

  1. did not know that! i did have a couple of people think i was a caterer and ask me to make them a cocktail. it’s been awhile; they were better off on their own. 🙂

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