one more flashback

This list (which I’m not sure is in any particular order):

Albums of the Decade
1. August and Everything After — Counting Crows
2. Gigolo Aunts — Minor Chords and Major Themes
3. Ten — Pearl Jam
4. Rites of Passage — Indigo Girls
5. Change Everything — Del Amitri
6. Fear — Toad the Wet Sprocket
7. Destination Universe — Material Issue
8. Girlfriend — Matthew Sweet
9. Whatever and Ever, Amen — Ben Folds Five
10. Nevermind — Nirvana

Semisonic — BOTH RECORDS
Exile in Guyville
Beastie?? (Check Your Head)
Spilt Milk
Down in the Shacks
Brian Setzer
Dave Matthews
Shawn Colvin (Fat City)
New Miserable Experience
Little Earthquakes
Better Than Ezra
Achtung Baby — U2
Woodface — Crowded House
Barenaked Ladies — Gordon
Cracker Soul
Our Time in Eden
Bandwagonesque — Teenage Fanclub
It’s A Shame About Ray
Presidents of the United States of America
Matchbox 20
Aimee Mann — Whatever

SO. Several questionable/embarrassing thoughts there — but by and large, I’ll stand by the majority of those albums today. Actually nearly all of them. So, that’s another piece of paper I can throw away.


2 thoughts on “one more flashback

  1. i refuse to acknowledge any list of this type that doesn’t includes Danzig’s masterpiece “Lucifuge”

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