tick tock

Hey, God … remember how I was going to give you the worrying? Well, I’m coming down to the wire here and I’m trying not to freak out. So, just touching base with you again.  Looking forward to seeing how abundant you are yet again.

Yeah. I’m working on not working on that shit. I will have it noted that I’ve been busting ass looking for a place since the beginning of the month. (Okay, I just went back through my email and counted. Since September 1st, I’ve sent 66 replies to housing ads.) So, I’m not sure what else I could do. Last time I was in this position, I threw my stuff in storage and my old roommate, Rory, was a lifesaver and let me stay there for a month while I figured the sitch out. He’s living with someone else now, so there’s no room for me and Flan at the inn, you know?

Something is coming. “I am grateful for unknown help, already on the way.” A prayer someone threw my way once. I have to lean into that now. I’m freaked the fuck out. What’s better and worse (both) is that I have this great option of a place to live, and haven’t heard back, and I have a potentially great job lined up, and haven’t heard back. Limbo. I don’t believe in the traditional ideas of heaven or hell, and we didn’t have “limbo” in Lutheranism, but I’ve got to say … hanging in the middle is sort of horrible.

I’m just trying to write something; to keep writing every day even if I don’t have anything to say.  GAH.  So, I guess that’s that for now. Tick tock, tick tock.


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