so specific

How something small can take you right back to a specific place and time. I casually rode my bike to work today (but didn’t have lazy dazy brain, for the most part) and at one point (it’s funny I can remember what I thought, but not really where I was), I rode across a section of road or path that had a bunch of acorns on it.

Wham. Acorns. I was riding past, but I had a strong urge to stop and pick some up. There were so many times when we’d play with acorns as kids. The guys would fight with them; throwing them or slingshotting them at each other.  I remember liking their little hats, and taking them off; sometimes opening the acorn with my teeth.  The nut itself is very waxy and bitter (wiki explains that), but you could take the nut and draw on concrete or asphalt with it.

I don’t know. I don’t have a lot to say — it just was so instant how something so little could bring me back to Wind Lake and being young. Just having time on our hands and running around and riding bikes through trails and just being free. I worry about kids now — they don’t seem to play or be able to just go off and cruise around and do whatever. I think that’s sad.

But, the acorns reminded me of home today, and that was nice.


One thought on “so specific

  1. 🙂 We used to write all over the place with acorns! And I loved their little caps too! I have a ton of them all over the street and our yard and now I will think of you every time I am outside of my house. Most kids now days have no IDEA how to play like we did when we were kids…we had so much fun outside with nothing but our minds, our bikes and not much else.

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