well, we certainly didn’t waste any time, did we?

All of the people who are cheering on hoodie and sweater weather just don’t understand. I wouldn’t be happy if it stayed like this forever — I’m leaving the house with my “light” scarf and my crocheted bear hat I got in San Francisco. I am happiest when it’s 80 and no humidity.  (Yeah, I know … L.A.)

I understand that summer has to end sometime if we’re living in Chicago, but I couldn’t believe how it was the Autumnal Equinox today and BAM — fall weather.  Chilly, crisp, clear and … blah. Not summer. I just can’t root for cold, people. I want to be able to wear shorts and tank tops and loose clothing all the time.  I’ve gotten good at bundling, but … who wants to bundle?

I remember an acquaintance saying one time that he was afraid of the cold … that once it was cold, he had to worry about how long the CTA would take and if it got too cold, he’d just get and stay cold — chilled to the bone. It was the first time I’d ever really heard someone articulate what I’d never had words for before. Fear. When summer’s here and I miss a bus or have to walk some — it’s just not that much of a deal. Yes, this year it got awfully hot, but I’d still exchange three 100 degree days for three -5 days any time.  ANY time.

But when it’s cold, there’s always this low-level nagging fear that I’ll get stuck somewhere and have to be out and I’ll just get irrevocably cold. I know that I already have a propensity to be colder than other people (98.6 is a slight fever for me) and that my hands and feet maybe got frostbitten once, because they just seem to get and stay colder than other people’s in the winter.  People mock me for my one scarf, two scarf, three scarf system (clearly, we’re already on level one), but I just don’t want to be completely miserable. I don’t like getting caught somewhere and not having enough to put on — to just be cold. Awful.

I know that the leaves will change, and my friends will go apple picking (no one ever invites me along) and that Halloween is right around the corner (although, it’s never been a favorite of mine — so many people I know say “Halloween is my favorite holiday,” and I just cannot relate on any level. I don’t like to be scared and putting together a costume is such a weird deal for me.  I basically don’t give one fuck, but then if I’m going to wear something, I guess I want it not to be shitty. The dilemma of my life.

Anyway, it’s Fall. She marched right in and staked her claim on this space. I hope she’ll relent and let her friend Summer back in, if only for a little while. Oh,  who am I kidding? For a lot of while. For all of you who are fucking stoked, congratulations.  You probably have cars.


3 thoughts on “well, we certainly didn’t waste any time, did we?

  1. You know me, I hate Chicago and its weather. But I do like the Fall, if the weather is in the high 50’s to upper 60’s. Being a golfer, oh who am I kidding. Being a guy that whacks at a little ball, the fall is a great time on the course. Trees turning, and the courses tend to be less crowded, and if you are at a tree lined course it can be very calming with almost no sound. That is until my son outdrives me by about 40 yards, then you can her me a mile away.

  2. He is actually quite good. Consistenly breaks 80 on big boy courses. Was the number 1 on his team, but he quit. Long story for another day. He still loves golf and plays all the time just not competitively, unless of course it is against me.

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