silence is consent

I always hate it when I write titles and think, “I’m pretty sure I’ve used that one before.” I guess in eight years, I’m allowed a repeat or two.  But I come to this because I ended up in a political conversation with some people at work today and I left feeling like I had done something wrong.

The long and short of it is that the conversation was about how we/I shouldn’t lump all Republicans into one category — that one person doesn’t speak for the whole party.  At the end of the conversation, it got specified that just because one person in the Republican party says something ridiculous (“legitimate rape,” anyone?), that it doesn’t mean that everyone who wants to vote Republican believes that.

For sure. I definitely believe that — I believe most people are an amalgam of thoughts, actions and feelings, and that we are constantly being paradoxical and contradictory.  That’s not what I was driving at.  I know there are people who are fiscal conservatives but pro-gay marriage.  It’s not out of the realm for me to know there are people who are pro-life, but definitely think we should be raising taxes on the people who can afford it. I understand the nuances of the every day American.  Not everyone, but a good majority — the people that everyone wants to win when they talk about “compromise” and “breaking down barriers.”

However, my original point was this — even if the leadership in the Republican party believe that Akin is an asshole and that Romney/Ryan have huge problems in their platform — no one ever says anything. They all line up and sign some crazy pledge that Grover Norquist shamed them all into, and continues to shame them into keeping. I don’t expect the everyman to go around denouncing everything going on in national politics, but I DO expect that when one of your own goes completely off the rails, you stand up and say so.

Silence is consent.  By not saying anything or doing anything, they are consenting to abide by and stand for what their people are saying/doing.  Crazy shit about the Muslim Brotherhood and constantly trying to disprove our President’s residency.  Telling straight up lies because they aren’t worried about “fact checking.”  That’s just a weird thing to say, right? And no one is standing up and saying different.

I know, I know, ALL politicians do and say crappy things. I’m aware.  But it just seems rampant in the Republican sphere, and even more rampant to just let everyone slide by with racist, anti-woman, anti-poor remarks.  I know not everyone can possibly on board with Rush Limbaugh, but the fact that his outrageous statements go unchecked or are not rebuked seems crazy to me.  The Republican leadership has been caught in same-sex scandal, regular old cheating on your wife, and a variety of other things — but Bill Clinton almost got impeached around a blowjob and Anthony Weiner resigned over his crotch pics (Anthony, what were you thinking??).

Even when I don’t want them to, the Democrats are compromising, apologizing.  But at the end of the day, I guess I’d rather have that than idly sitting by while others blow up your party. Because I truly believe that silence is consent.


10 thoughts on “silence is consent

  1. Bill Clinton WAS impeached, but it wasn’t because he got blown. It was for Perjury and Obstruction of Justice. Pretty serious charged against a sitting President.

  2. You are so right on this. The Dems were all over Maher and returned his donation immediately after his comments on Palin, and they always disavow statements made by Maxine Waters and Jeremiah Wright, and Farakhan. Oh wait that didn’t or doesn’t happen. Good thing I’m back from my trips to Bizaroland. Anon is right. Libs always want to rewrite history on this. He was impeached because of perjury in the Paula Jones case not because of Lewinsky.

  3. I knew when I wrote it, I would get called on that. But it’s what they trotted out, over and over again … and perjury?? GWB lied through his teeth about so much, but since we never indicted those boys for being war criminals, I guess it doesn’t count. P.S. last time I checked, Farakhan isn’t a member of the Democratic party. Whether or not he’s a Democrat is his business, but he’s not an elected official — yes, I lumped Rush Limbaugh in there — but I’m not hearing Louis Farakhan’s name in the news every week for some other crazy thing he said.

  4. Where to start? How about here. First I think you are smart intelligent and articulate person that is fun to debate with. But and here comes the but, when you say things like you did about Farrakhan I really don’t know where to go. Most of the stuff I say is just meant to incite debate or thoughtful discussion, most of the stuff I am not really behind 100%. You fell into the classic liberal response, “well ya got me, but that Bush guy”. Please stop with Bush. Even Clinton said over 2 years ago it was their ballgame now and the stuff with Bush needs to stop. When was the last time you saw Limbaugh on stage of a rally for a Repub? Screwy Louie is always arm and arm with some Dem. Rahm welcomes the Nation of Islam to patrol Chicago streets? C’mon. Here is what no one wants to admit except guys like Carville and Rove who recently said this. 40% will vote Dem no matter who the candidate, 40% with vote for the Repub regardless, and it’s the other 20% that decide elections.

  5. Okay. Let’s just say that I get the same shitty media coverage from the sources I read and get sent to me. Let’s also admit that it skews liberal, but even my super liberal friends send things that aren’t liberal. You mean to tell me that you’re honestly hearing more about Louis Farrakhan in the news, on the reg, than Rush Limbaugh? I just want to understand that, to start.

    As far as Clinton/Bush … my point was that I know he didn’t get impeached for the blowjob, but it really was the focal point of the whole proceeding. What does “is” mean and “not having sexual relations with that woman.” Wiki: “The Paula Jones case precipitated Clinton’s impeachment. Charges of perjury and obstruction of justice were brought against Clinton based on statements he made during the depositions for the Jones lawsuit. The specific statements were about the nature of his relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, with whom he denied having a sexual relationship.”

    In re: Bush … he *should* have been impeached, as far as I am concerned. That’s why I bring that up … and I think it’s foolish to say that we just shouldn’t talk about him or his 8 years of failed policies when the Republicans are actually trying to convince everyone that it’s Obama’s fault we’re in this mess. You can’t have a tornado blow through your town and bitch that the people trying to clean it up are doing a terrible job, and THEY’RE the reason your house is in pieces.

    I agree that 20% of people probably decide elections. Sigh.

  6. Here is where we will agree somewhat. Things were horrible, as they were after Carter. But things got better in the 4 years after him. I could quote any economic measurement and they are all worse than 4 years ago. Hell just look at gas. When gas was $3.00 Bush was blamed because of his big oil buddies. Well gas started at $2.00 with Obama and it is now well over $4.00. I suppose he’s got big oil buddies too. Poverty numbers, household income, net worth unemployment, I could go on and on, all worse. Is this all Obama’s fault? Of course not however you know that Rachel Madcow, who I like by the way, would be touting those numbers as a failure if McCain was at the helm. Just one recent Screwie Louie quote “blacks can’t become lawyers or doctors because the Jews have all the spots in Law and Medical School”.

  7. damn, I wrote a response, and I guess it went somewhere. the main thing I want to know is … when the hell were you paying $2 a gallon?

  8. Well as we speak the Repubs are running an ad about Obama complaining about $2.00 gas right before the 2008 election. Ooooops. I really am tired of the blind Obama support. I’ll probably vote for the goof again, but he has had more broken promises or pledges that we had to the Indians.

  9. Okay … it seems like we were paying $2.50 going on $3. We were upset about it, natch, but I think Chicago proper has one of the highest gas prices in the nation.

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