take it easy … or not

Today, I took a very leisurely, lazy-dazy ride in to work at Second City. Normally, I am riding with a sense of more urgency, but today it was beautiful out and I had plenty of time. The only thing about that was that my head was also just gliding along, no bigs.  I never wear headphones (although I’d like to … I’m often envious of people who get to listen to music — but it just seems like too big of a risk), I wear a helmet, and my focus is usually pretty intense and precise.

However, today it seemed that since I felt I didn’t have to get anywhere super fast, that my brain just checked out.  I almost ran into a car (that’s right, I almost ran into a car that was turning — and it was completely my bad) and was generally out of it.  So, in the future, I think I’ll try and be more aware, regardless of how fast I am going … it was a real weird experience.

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