still here, MC

Funny, I just thought about this blog yesterday and how I should get here. So, no, Mr. Crowley, I’m not lamenting about Obama. I’m excited for his next term as President and I hope he whoops some serious ass, both heading into the election and afterward. You can’t actually look at me with a serious blog face and tell me between Ryan’s Medicare and Akin’s “legitimate rape” and Romney essentially saying he was too good to serve in Vietnam, that the Republicans aren’t looking like fuckshaws of the highest order right now. I hope it lasts.

But who wants to talk about that? I’m here, I’m always here, always trying to find my way. I have no excuses. I’m depressed, I’m anxious, I’m whatever-whocares-whatthefuck.

So, I’m going to try and get back on the horse. Again. The writing horse, not the H. And here. we. go.

4 thoughts on “still here, MC

  1. Don’t pull the old “but officer he was going faster than me routine”. The point is Obama has been awful. Biden “y’all in chains” Obama “you didn’t build this”. We can trade barbs all day long. The only thing I was saying is that over-all in terms of numbers no president, I repeat no, has been re-elected with the crap numbers he has put up. This is a man that called Bush “unpatriotic” when he raised the debt ceiling but Nobama has done it to the tune of the highest number by far.

  2. Oh Aleister, I thought we weren’t trading barbs.

    Based on your own litmus test, “who would I rather have a beer with…” with whom would you rather have a beer?

  3. Out of all of them probably Biden. He seems the most down to earth and honest. Obama is as phony as a 6 dollar bill. Drinks a beer at the state fairs but sips pinot in private.

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