One Day

So, it’s the new year and I’m trying to do something creative each day. So, I’d like to get a blog post in or something every day. Winter decided to show up. It’s cold and I’m bummed, as if I really thought we’d get away with a winter that consisted of entirely 40 degree days here in Chicago. A girl can hope, though, right?

I wasn’t going to do a radio shift this time out, but there was an empty slot Mondays from 3-6pm, so I took it in the meanwhile that I don’t have a job. Today, I got to play a request for a Matisyahu song for my would-be nephew, Rex. Kid knows Matisyahu, and he just turned 4. I don’t know any Matisyahu. What the hell?

But his mom said he heard the song, and better yet, heard me say his city and his name on the air. That made me so happy. It makes me happy to make people happy by playing music. So, that’s something creative if nothing else.  Here’s Rex’s request:



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