The New Love Song

I was talking about relationships with my friend, Dan, last night. We had a good conversation. He reminds me of some people that I respect and admire. I am sitting down to do some work and I thought I’d put on some Avett Brothers. This is what I’m starting with. I love the last stanza where they start “Tenderness and grace …” I don’t know. These guys. They’re coming to Milwaukee next weekend for two shows. I really, really, really want to be able to see them. I just don’t know how I’d scrap together the cash. Especially seeing as how I can’t even manage rent really. So I settle for this.

Enjoy. (Or don’t, Crowley.)


One thought on “The New Love Song

  1. After watching that drivel I had to find Danzig’s “Mother” on youtube. What the hell was that backdrop? It looked like something out of a bad 60’s TV talk show.

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