Falling back

I needed to write another blog post. It’s been awhile. Speaking of awhile … Hey, Eric Panic. I’m putting you on blast. I miss your writings. There.

What do you guys miss? Yeah, let’s do that easy blog post.

I miss:
Playing in the snow with snow pants and not feeling cold.
Ice skating and having good ankles and being able to skate pretty decently.
My 1984 Dodge Aries.
Having sex.
Being able to go back to my middle school and high school after school had let out, walking right in like I owned the place to go talk with my former teachers.
Having long hair (sometimes).
Swimming in the lake every day in the summer and playing “hide and go seek” around the raft anchored out after the drop off.
When candy was $.50 or less.
MTV/VH-1 playing music videos.
Not being afraid to leap off of a swing at the apex.
Flan being a kitten.
When smoking felt good and cigarettes were $2.00 a pack.
When gas was less than $2.00 a gallon.
Working in a bookstore.
Not being in physical pain.
The network of “trails” behind three or four subdivisions in my neighborhood where we’d ride bikes.
WONC being in Old Main.
When soda just had sugar in it as a matter of course, not as a matter of retro.
Having an apartment I can throw a party in.
The friends I got sober with.
Having health insurance.
Having co-workers I like.
Having co-workers, period.
Board games that had pieces made from glass and wood.
When Christmas started the day after Thanksgiving.
When I thought a size 12 was my “fat jeans.”
When I could get off the Red Line on a Monday night and buy a Cubs ticket for that night’s game for $10.
Lounge Ax.
Wrigleyville Tap.
Marigold Bowl.
Having access to a piano.
Feeling young.

That’s it for now. I’m sure I’ll get off here and think of some more. Maybe I’ll come back and add as I see fit.

Really, what do you miss?


One thought on “Falling back

  1. You flatter me and I now consider myself on blast. You’ll see prose on the Panic Blog before Wednesday the 9th. My promise to you (and deadline for myself because i need one).

    I miss buttons on equipment instead of touch screens which act like buttons. (although i do like my iPad so I’m not anti-technology)
    I miss point and shoot cameras with viewfinders instead of just a screen
    I miss an interactive blogging experience. Everyone’s all twitter/facebook/whatnot.
    I miss feeling invicible
    I miss the time when being from Alaska was “special” and not just the place where “that woman” comes from.
    I miss time to myself, although I wouldnt trade my situtation.
    I miss the idealism of youth.
    I miss candy and all sorts of bad food.
    I miss feeling that anything was possible.

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