Exhortations about vaccinations cause me frustration

So, last night I saw this tweet about a measles outbreak. Yes, let’s blame Jenny McCarthy for the measles.*

If you’re unaware, Jenny McCarthy has become less famous for her stint on Singled Out and more for her activism about autism and her anti-vaccination stance on the theory that the mercury in vaccines cause autism. Many sources refute the claims, saying they have no basis in scientific fact, and that McCarthy is hurting people by leading the public to believe they shouldn’t get their children vaccinated.

I have some strong opinions about vaccinations myself. I think the flu shot is not only a joke, but really harming us as a population and as individuals. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to vaccinate their child against the chickenpox. Honestly, I’m sort of wary about the HPV vaccination … it just sends off something in my spidey sense.

Yes, polio and diptheria and tetanus … I don’t want those to come back. I’m in the middle about measles, mumps, rubella and whooping cough. Probably should immunize, but if everyone else is, then probably no need to if you’re really scared of vaccines and what they might do. And most likely won’t kill someone if they do get them.

But that’s not really why I’m here. I’m here because what really gets me is how MAD everyone gets. That in and of itself is telling to me. And I’m not talking about regular people. Regular people go, “That woman’s a crazy,” and they go and get their kids vaccinated. I’m talking about the powers that be. The powers that have money to make in all of this. They are hellbent on discrediting her and showing everyone what a lunatic she is. They are SO ANGRY that anyone would question such a basic fact like immunization and DARE to suggest that their product is faulty, is harming someone. They are just furious.

And the fact of the matter is that they are taking apart the one study that she’s pointed to and they have said this and said that … but let’s face it. The tobacco companies looked us straight in the face FOR YEARS and not only did they lie about what awful things were in their cigarettes and how they KNEW they were killing us, but they had the audacity at some points to tell us that they were *good* for us. There have been many companies who have outright lied … told us that their product was good and safe and that we should buy it, KNOWING that if we were even tapped in an accident, our Pinto would blow the fuck up.

So, that’s what drives me mad. The fact that there might not even possibly be room for the fact that this woman is right. That these vaccines ARE fucking kids up. That mercury/thimerosal is NOT what you want to be putting in a BABY’s immune system like 4-6 times before they’re like 3 months old. Even on its face, that seems reasonable. They barely even HAVE an immune system. It doesn’t seem like I should want to be growing it by testing it a bunch. Maybe let it set up a little first?

And people have short memories. When the flu shot was first introduced, it was for old people, kids (?) and people with compromised immune systems. All of a sudden, EVERYONE’s supposed to get a flu shot? And then in the last year, there’s a SUPER STRONG flu shot …. for old people, kids, and people with compromised immune systems? Wait a minute ….

Money, money, money. And I can’t even see a doctor. That’s some messed up shit right there.

*If you read the story they reference, the people who get the measles and start the mini outbreaks are unvaccinated people who TRAVEL ABROAD. It’s not like they spontaneously combust into measles one Tuesday afternoon. And … the people they are infecting would have to be people … who are also unvaccinated, right? So, what are the people who are all about vaccinations worried about? If you’re all vaccinated up, nothing to worry about, right??


7 thoughts on “Exhortations about vaccinations cause me frustration

  1. The problem is that Jenny McCarthy is not a scientist. There are no valid studies linking any vaccinations to autism. The British study that most people cite has been completely discredited.

    HPV is linked to cervical cancer. I’d like my daughter to avoid that if possible.

  2. Hmm. Well, for one, it’s my impression that there hasn’t been mercury in vaccines for some time now (seven or eight years?) yet autism levels are steadily increasing. And other countries that have similar levels of vaccination do not have similar levels of autism.

    If you want my honest opinion, I believe it’s less to do with vaccination and more to do with the animal products people put in their bodies: hormones, antibiotics, things no one in the food industry wants anyone to know about. Do a cursory search for Kreutzfeld-Jacob and Alzheimer’s and see what comes up. There’s industry stuff I’ve read that will give you nightmares.

    The point being: anti-vaccine people are both onto something and the unfortunate stooges for a system that doesn’t want anyone to know the truth about what is going into our bodies. And anyone who says something about vaccines or the food supply or anything is discredited as a wacko and assaulted with straw man arguments or ad hominem attacks. I don’t believe what Jenny McCarthy says about vaccines, but the reason why is equally controversial, and people who have explored such food connections have had their houses broken into, computers stolen, etc, when they were about to publish the information they discovered. I think that the industry, though, probably loves the anti’s because they are a convenient smokescreen.

    Ok, off my soap box. I have a tremendously good article about what I’ve mentioned if you think you have a strong enough stomach.

  3. please, i’m interested.

    part of what irritates me (and this is way more expansive than just vaccines) is that there’s this crazy trend in the media and socially that everyone’s opinion is equal with regard to science. They are not. Jenny McCarthy is the bees knees and appears to have only the best of intentions but she spreads false information.

  4. she can avoid it. teach her to respect herself and teach her about good sexual practices like using condoms. teach her to get a pap smear once a year. i think it’s creepy to innoculate a young teenager with *three* vaccines against what is a sexually transmitted disease. cause what are you going to do? lie to her about what the shot is?

    she can still get cervical cancer without HPV, i’m pretty sure, so she still should be getting that pap smear and she still should be respecting her body and using condoms, anyway. again, there’s nothing science-y about it. it’s just a gut thing, and everyone gets to do what they wish. but there’s something about them coming up with this and then media blitzing it to DEATH that freaks me out.

  5. OK first there is just as much evidence that pot smoking parents contribute to autism as vaccinations do. 2nd did you know that oral cancers are up tremendously because of HPV? Should it be looked into? Sure, but study after independent study has shown no correlation.

  6. By the by, my mother who died from Alzheimer’s, was a farm girl. As to Amy’s point she was convinced all our ills were from processed food. And my mom was as conservative as they come and certainly no conspiracy nut.

  7. Okay … so, here’s the deal with that. That’s a tremendous example, actually. Let’s follow the chain on that. How would one GET oral cancer from HPV?? Hmmm…. From giving oral sex to someone with HPV. Which means that guys get and have HPV all the time (duh), but we’re not vaccinating them. Why? WHY? Isn’t that weird?

    Like I said, I find it strange that a society that never seems to give a rat’s ass about women and most CERTAINLY never wants to do anything to enhance a woman’s sexual life (like give a vaccination that might let her feel she could be more promiscuous), all of a sudden is WAY behind this HPV vax. Like crazy psycho we’re going to *make* you get your daughters get vaccinated in TX, behind it.

    Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark.

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