Starving to Death

Sometime back … years, actually, I was somewhere and an acquaintance said that she was starving, and then immediately corrected herself, noting that she was anything but starving. It always stuck with me and I vowed never to say that I was “starving” again. No matter how hungry, I am not starving. I would have to go awhile before I got to starving phase. Sad, but true, on many counts.

However, I’ve been going around and about with my vet about what may or may not be wrong with Flan over the last few months. Did blood workup, and all of the tests came back normal. It seems like she either has what would be Crohn’s disease in humans, or there’s still the plain old cancer route. Intestinal or something like that.

There’s been times when she’s been sluggish and seemingly sad, lower energy and all of that. Now, cats sleep a lot the way it is and for a 17 year old cat, I know it’s not like she’s going to do much but sleep anyway, but I’m just trying to make sure all is well. Now, she seems to be eating a whole lot and … well, her fur seems to be falling out. Alternately falling out and getting real matted. I don’t know what is up with that; I still see her clean herself and all that.

I called the vet to tell her about this, and she said that bottom line is she thinks Flan is malnourished (would also explain hair loss). It’s no shock to me, I’ve been telling her that she’s “so small” for a long time. The fur thing is the newer sign that’s so bothersome. I asked the vet if there was something similar to the formula that older people drink to gain weight, and she said that cats really like baby food. The ‘second level’ food or something like that. The chicken stuff.

Okay. So, off I go, to the grocery store to buy baby food. I guess it was destined to happen to me at some point. Who knew? It’s more expensive than Fancy Feast, but I guess I do get a little glass jar out of it. She loves it. But, I go through it much faster than the Fancy Feast, so it’s something I’m going to have to plan for. Can you buy baby food in bulk? She’s also on a very small dose of steroids in the hopes that it will help her better able to absorb the food she is getting.

It just was a striking moment the other day. I thought — my cat is starving to death before my very eyes, no matter how much I feed her. How awful is that? She is still eating, going to the bathroom, purring her face off. So, I don’t think she’s in pain or hating life at this point. But it was shocking. It was a slap in the face. How awful.

Wish us luck. Invest in Gerber stock.


4 thoughts on “Starving to Death

  1. Poor Flan. They sell boxes of baby food at Sam’s Club & Costco. I could get you the phase 2 box. I think it’s about $14 with tax. I’m going tomorrow.

  2. no, she’s been tested for diabetes, thyroid (hyper/hypo), kidneys, everything. it’s frustrating. i’m over it. colleen … she only eats the chicken. i need to go to costco soon myself .. i’ll check it out. we need to hang out soon, sister.

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