The Lowering

I’m going to see The Avett Brothers on Friday. All the haters, I bought the ticket in March when I had a job. Anyway, my friend, K, turned me on to them when she had an extra ticket last March and asked me if I wanted to go with. It was for the House of Blues, which is a venue I actually hate, but it was a free ticket, right?

It was one of the rare times I was instantly taken with a band, despite the fact I was way in the back fighting for space with bros. Their stage presence, their innate musical ability, their amazing harmonies, the sheer joy they radiated from the stage. WOW. They made me cry. That doesn’t happen that often, either.

Anyway, I didn’t have a lot of exposure to their music, and recently K hooked me up with a bunch of it. I’ve been listening to non-stop Avett Brothers in preparation for the show. One of the weird things that my brain does is hears melodies and harmonies way before lyrics. I don’t know why that is. My soul picks up on the essence of the song, but not always the actual meaning. But often, I get another push into the fourth dimension of existence when I actually am in a frame of mind to hear a key turn of phrase or lyric that strikes me just right. Even more so when I look up the lyrics.

This song just punched me in the gut tonight. Smacked me in the face. Kicked me in the solar plexus. Knocked the wind out of me whichever way you’d like. Talk about cry. Holy shit. First, I looked up the lyrics. Then, I went on YouTube to find a version to post for you. What makes it even more awesome is that someone’s a fan, like I’ve been with certain bands (cough, Frisbie, cough), and clearly got a super old performance at somewhere … I don’t know. The performance is super stripped down, it appears to be a smaller stage/venue, and they look pretty young (they’re not exactly old men now).



5 thoughts on “The Lowering

  1. Boy I cried too, but only because my ears were bleeding. This is music to slit your wrists to.

  2. Well, yeah. That’s the point. The song is really beautiful because I hear him saying, “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you when you were really reaching out for help and super sad. I didn’t realize how lonely and painful it was. I am totally remorseful for not having treated you better.” But don’t pin “music to slit your wrists to” on the Avett Brothers. Hardly: Super fun song — “Distraction #74” — Can’t help but move to “Pretty Girl From Matthews — And it doesn’t GET better than a crazy murder ballad hoe-down — “I Killed Sally’s Lover” —

  3. Ok i will readily admit i just listened to the one you posted. Not a big folk music fan but they got some good toe tappers

  4. Oh, yeah, I wouldn’t have necessarily expected anyone to have listened to anything past the one I posted. That was the one I was talking about. But if you were going to judge them on just that, I needed to show you otherwise. They’re a whole shitload of fun. They can get you where it hurts, but they’ll pick you up out of that in a second.

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