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6 thoughts on “You make the call ….

  1. Why do you always play the race card? You know you’re saying that justifies people who say “gee I wonder who the flash mob gangs are made up of?”. I could give you 50 reasons why they didn’t haul the frat boys in, but the legal reason is, they had nothing on them.

  2. 1. i have absolutely NO doubt in my mind that if even one of those boys had been of color, they would have had their hands on that car. period. end of story. they may or may not have ended up being hauled in, but they DEFINITELY would have had their ids out and definitely would have been running their ids for warrants, etc. they would NOT have taken the most bullshit story in life. everyone i have told this story to has wholeheartedly agreed with me.

    2. they are NOT flash mobs. people need to stop calling them that. they are mobs. gangs. wilding. violent attacks.

    3. ummm…. there IS no wondering as far as i’ve heard. they’re made up of african-american kids. period. if the media is too afraid to make a big deal of it, fine. but that IS what they’re reporting. it’s not a justification of anything. it’s a fact of what’s been happening. if large groups of black kids start getting profiled, i guess we have another problem on our hands, but what has happened has been pretty well documented.

    4. they had nothing legally on them? really? again, i guess you’re talking to the wrong person here. i have way too much experience with people who have gotten picked up for all sorts of DUIs. from sleeping in their cars. from leaving license plates at the scene. from leaving accidents. from all sorts of things that were *so much less obvious* that what was going on there that night — that being a car, crashed into a tree, people leaving that car (i called when they were not there), then people coming *back to the scene of the accident* clearly and visibly intoxicated — AND admitting it was their car. i never saw anyone even asked to bring out a driver’s license to identify themselves. that’s LAME at *best.*

    c’mon, crowley. in the last nine years, i’ve become much less of a big old cop hater. but that? that was just unbelievably shitty policing. at best, they just didn’t want to deal with the paperwork. which is still pretty bullshit.

  3. Boy I hate to do this because it comes across as being a know it all but here goes. DUI can be charged if you “have the ability to start the car” Sleeping in the car with the keys nearby can get you charged. License plates left at the scene? Obviously hit and run or at the least leaving the scene of an accident.

    There was a “report” filed about the incident hours ago. There was a “no tow order” since they were going to investigate later and the car wasn’t blocking traffic. No DUI since they did not have the ability to drive it. Were they causing problems? Did they confront the cops? Were they belligerent? That in conjunction with the fact that they really probably didn’t want to deal with it is why they didn’t bring them in. Smuss that car was labeled,
    something hit it and pushed it into the tree. I mean look at it, it has the classic signs of being hit and pushed. Personally to me it looks like it got hit and pushed into something. A tree pole or whatever, that is the only way the back end can get that indent, unless they backed into a pole at 50 mph.

  4. Here’s a perfect example. I knew someone who hit a parked car at a bar. She was toasted. Left the scene and safely drove home. The cops arrive about an hour later. I told her to tell them she was boozing it up since she got home. They got her for leaving the scene of an accident and nothing else. No hit and run since she made a good story about how she didn’t “feel anything in her big SUV”. And no DUI since they couldn’t prove she was drunk. You can’t be charged with hit and run unless a you knew you hit something. Oh I guess you could be chartged but it wouldn’t stick. Leaving the scene of an accident? That’s pretty much strict liability, and a lot better charge than Hit and Run. Kinda like the difference between reckless and negligent driving. Between the two you would rather get hit with negligent. And in the meantime I’ll be on the lookout for gangs of old ladies since I shouldn’t profile.

  5. okay … so you say you should profile, but then you say i’m racist because i said the cops let the kids go because they’re white? reverse reverse discrimination? i didn’t question the cop for two reasons:

    1. because i’m not going to fuck with a cop (i may be paranoid, but i’m not stupid)
    2. because he said there was a police report filed and there was no way for me to check that, right? it seemed fishy, but okay … they ran the plates and this all really happened, i guess?

    here’s the thing … if they ran the plates and there was “no tow pending,” why didn’t they also show the police report as well? wouldn’t they have said, “oh, there’s a police report been filed, thank you very much?”

    also, there’s just other things that don’t add up. if he was in class “since 7 a.m.” how would he even know about all the details of this story (someone hitting an animal in the road, a police report being filed, etc.) — it’s either/or, right? either you were in class all day and you just saw this car …. so you’d know nothing (did someone call this kid?) OR … you weren’t in class all day — so at least that’s somewhat of a lie.

    the other thing — i’ve RARELY seen something happen of this magnitude (there was a crashed car here, regardless of when it happened) where they don’t at least as for people’s IDs. that alone is pretty weak. all i’m saying is there’s some fishiness here and at best, some lazy police.

  6. Agreed. It was laziness. Who knows maybe the guy was behind on the payments and wrecked the car intentionally and told the finance company “come pick it up”. The one thing that is for sure is they backed into a pole very fast or the car got pushed hard into one. Either way something is rotten in Denmark.

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