the month of yam

i’m sure i’ve titled a post this before, as it was an inside joke between me and my college friends. may is the only month that spells a word backwards, and it was deemed the month of yam. it still makes me smile. the month of may is my 10 year anniversary of going into the psych ward and beginning my journey with manic-depression. it’s also apparently going to be the start of an anniversary of the year that obama sent the order to kill osama.

weird. weird, weird, weird. as per usual, when huge news like this hits my ears, i’m always thrown instantly into some sort of news analytical mode. i thought, “well, this will be awesome for his campaign. good on him.” i also thought it was pretty fucking funny that he made the announcement during “celebrity apprentice.” touche, mr. president. (did you SEE seth myers at the white house correspondents dinner? KILLED IT.)

i thought about the people celebrating. how i didn’t exactly feel joy about all of this, but i wasn’t exactly sad to see him dead, either. i was glad to see the mark twain (was it really him) quote about not wanting to be happy that a guy was dead, but not being sad to see an obit, either. that flew around the internets a bunch. i wondered how relevant his death really was at this point, and how much credit all the obama naysayers would really give him. (probably none.) i wondered if this meant we could leave the middle east, or at least afghanistan.

i thought about the last scene in “raiders of the lost ark,” where they take the ark of the covenant back into some huge government warehouse and just file it away somewhere and i wondered if they’d had OBL’s body for a long time and just chose the exact right moment to present it to all of us. i thought about the guy (@reallyvirtual) who lives in abbottabad who supposedly and inadvertently livetweeted the raid without knowing what it was.

i thought about all the people who mock me for using twitter and ridicule the service in general for being about “people telling you what they eat,” and knowing that just as a meeting of coffee club ended and a business meeting was about to start, i looked at twitter to find that 1. the president was going to give an unusual sunday night 9:30 pm address and 2. it was going to be about .. what? 3. oh, that they had … killed Bin Laden? holy shit! all before the president even really got a chance to get on the air or i had a chance to get home and see any of the media coverage/commentary. thanks, twitter.

i thought about the people who died on 09/11/01 and what this meant for their families, if anything. OBL didn’t *personally* kill them. was this any sort of help or closure? could we please close guantanamo bay?

as more information was revealed, i thought about the fact that we give pakistan a SHIT TON of money and from all appearances, they HAD to know exactly where this guy was. are we going to stop doing that now? stop playing nice with people who don’t give a shit about us? regardless of the fact that they have nuclear weapons? are we giving n. korea a bunch of money every year, too?

i thought about all sorts of things, and at the end of the day, it was all really surreal. i guess at the end of the day, i hope it helps obama. oh, and WILL it lower gas prices? that’s really something, too, isn’t it?

One thought on “the month of yam

  1. This is what really frosts my ass. The big guy that was going to be different is the same as any politico and the Obamabots don’t see it. People don’t care about Bin Laden, they care that they can’t take their trip to the Dells because they are either unemployed or in a lower paying job or looking at $5 gas. You get a slight bump for it but then people go to pay their bills or fill the car up and say “c’mon Obama do something”. His fault or not it doesn’t matter, as Clinton said “it’s the economy stupid”, and “I’m the lead guy so I either get the kudos or the blame”. By the by it is now coming out all these people were unarmed. What a firestorm of crap would have come down on Bush if he did that. At least Maddow is honest and recognized that. And why is he even worried about Trump, He ain’t running.

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