hello, it’s me

seven years. i always come back here. i guess i’m trying to get my feet wet again. last night, i ran into a friend who told me that i should just write for a month. i actually have some semblance of some ideas of what i should be writing, and then i sit down and it’s writer’s block. i feel like i have no clue what to write. so i figure i’ll just start with the blog and go from there.

i lost my job on tuesday. since i tend to follow the rule not to talk about work or roommates on the blog, i’ll say this — i showed up to work, worked hard everyday (never even had a moment to check FB or email or anything), and really did the deal. there’s lots of other things to say, but i’ll leave them unsaid.

now, it’s time to write, i guess. write and clean. giddyup!


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