so. today marks the seven year anniversary of this blog. i can’t believe that

1. i’ve had this blog for seven years, and *for the most part,* maintained it pretty regularly for those seven years.
2. that i haven’t written here in over a month. that seems outrageously negligent.

however, i hold hope that like the woman whose blog inspired me to write mine, you might do as i do, occasionally checking in, clicking on my blog to see if i’ve written something new.

i presented tonight at ignite chicago. 20 slides, advancing automatically every 15 seconds. it was pretty neat. there were 12 presenters, all giving completely different presentations on a completely random grab bag of topics.

one of the women gave a presentation on the idea of being able to write lists sort of calling out to the universe to be able to do what you love for a living. some of the things on her list seemed so silly, so pie-in-the-sky. but they were things that *i* also want to get paid for; that i’m also good at — playing taboo and karaoke and such. and it wasn’t the first time that i’ve heard such things — that writing a list, no matter how big or grand or crazy it may seem, can lead to ideas becoming reality.

she did it for her job, her boyfriend, and her apartment. so, what the hell do i have to lose, right?


One thought on “seven.

  1. Well I’d like to get paid for taking naps, which I am very good at, but it ain’t gonna happen. Honestly? Karaoke. Who gets paid for that, other than maybe some contest winnings. Have you seen American Idol? There are just far too many talented people out there. LA and New york are full of people waiting tables to follow their dream. The soda shop thing happens once in a blue moon. The more you wait for something to drop in your lap or be discovered, the bigger chance you got to be sitting in the old folks home wondering what could have been. The time for talk is over you really have to take charge.

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