oh, birds.

So, I saw one of the articles about the dead birds in this article on Gawker (1). The pictures of the dead red-winged blackbirds make me so sad.

I love the “city birds” here in Chicago. Well, that’s what *I* call them. Upon investigation, it turns out they’re actually song sparrows.

In trying to identify them/get a picture, it turns out there’s a whole book just about birds of Chicago, and this pdf shows another picture of the “city bird” on page 7.
There’s also other links to the Chicago Audubon Society.

I feel a particular affinity with birds. Whenever I find a dead bird, I pick it up (with something, of course), and get it out of the way of being stepped on or eaten by a random dog. I just don’t like the idea of their featherlight bodies getting further mangled or desecrated.

I don’t know about all of this dead animal stuff. My friend, Kevin, from my Chicagoist days keeps pointing out how the scientists say that this happens “all the time” but we are just more connected via internet and such. That’s fine, it might happen “all the time,” but a whole bunch all at once? I don’t buy it.

Okay. I started this blog post a few days ago, and I’m not sure where I was going with it. I do love my city birds, though.

(1) Did you know that Jezebel/,Gizmodo/,Lifehacker/,Deadspin are all parts of the Gawker network?


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