coniferous corpses

i think i talked about this last year, but it really makes me sad to see the discarded, dead christmas trees in the alleys. so pretty in the windows, lights twinkling, ornaments telling the stories of one’s life. but as is evidenced by the fact that they continue to take water while they are living in the house, they are still alive to some extent, only succumbing to death after weeks.

i believe that plants and trees are very much alive; they are sensitive to humans and feel things. i don’t know that i can or should elaborate more on that for fear of sounding completely nutty/new-age, but i really do. i name my plants and i talk to them. it makes me feel connected to them in a way i can’t name.

so, it pains me to see these once living things laying in the alley, used and discarded without a second thought. i don’t know what my point is. i know there are potted trees that you can have replanted after christmas is over. what a perfect pairing. a lovely way to have life for the season, but also a way to continue that life after the season is over (1).

(1) i’m sure everyone knows about this by now, but you all know that the 12 days of christmas come *after* christmas? they are the 12 days that the wisemen took to get to visit jesus after seeing the star. and the christian season of “epiphany” comes after they get there (1/6). so there you go.


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