zap happy

so, i started a new job. already the freakout nightmares have started. i know a couple of the agents here, and one is a really good friend of mine. a couple of nights ago, i had a dream where he was the scheduling manager (he’s not), and he kept scheduling me for 12 and 14 hour days (which we most certainly do not work here). not only were they extremely long days, but some of them were like 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. (which we most certainly do not work here). i wanted to be agreeable, it being a new job and all, but i was so upset. really? 12 hour days starting at 5 a.m.? this wasn’t what i signed up for.

i think i also had a dream where i was all starry-eyed for some leasing agent, but it was a “dream” agent. it had no connection or resemblance to any of the agents we have here. oh, dreams.

i had countless dreams of being in panic mode at CHIRP when we first started. 1.17.11 makes one year of our being on the air! YAY! and congress recently passed the Local Community Radio Act, so we are on the way to getting a terrestrial station; however, this is going to take a lot of steps to get there. won’t be happening overnight, so keep listening at!

lastly, somehow between getting up from the desk and walking 10 feet to the processing area, my body builds up an intense electric shock. EVERY time. it’s weird. and there’s only one second of carpet when i leave the desk and then faux hardwood until the glass door. is the faux hardwood acting like plastic and creating the charge? i don’t know. but they’re GOOD zaps and they happen every time. maybe i’ll have to see how big of a shock i can create.

meanwhile, i’m just doing my job and liking how life is going. when i’m not zap happy, that is.


One thought on “zap happy

  1. Congrats on the new job. As someone who works 12hr days… be happy it’s just a bad dream!

    I’ve had lots of bad dreams, stress dreams lately too. There’s a lack of daylight element to it I’m sure as well as general anxiety.

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