Brand New Year!

well, 2010 wasn’t very good for me. done and done. you can tell by the lack of blog posts, for one. i think looking back on the year, it was just one of the periods of fallowness and stagnation. one where i wasn’t moving, changing, doing much of anything. unemployed since 10/09 and adrift in a sea of boredom, ennui, and depression. definitely not the makings of a stellar year.

i had great faith that 2011 would be different, better. and so it is. i have a job! i’m gainfully employed. back at a job i had 10 years ago, in a slightly different fashion. i worked in the processing department of the apartment people’s office as a part-time job back then. it was seasonal work and i moved on after a few months.

i’m working reception and will be cross-trained in my old department at some point. what’s sort of funny is that people keep coming up to introduce themselves to me and reiterating or asking about the fact that i used to work there “10 years ago.” i just wonder how this information is being passed from person to person. i don’t care, but i love that everyone seems to know my back story.

in a move that i suspected would happen, the new/added structure has allowed me to write. and i mean WRITE that fucking book. can you believe it? i have a fair amount of down time, and it’s okay for me to do stuff — and that “stuff” is writing. my. fucking. book. can you believe this shit? i have all this time to do everything and nothing and i do … nothing. i am on a schedule, and i start getting shit done.

the book is going to be david eggers-esque with all sorts of footnotes. you know how i footnote here? well, in the story i wrote today (actually, i don’t think i’m done), i had like 7 footnotes and several of those footnotes had footnotes. one of them had four!

i don’t care. i’m excited to be writing and working and feeling productive. it’s good. more good things to come, people! get on the 2011 train!


One thought on “Brand New Year!

  1. Not a good year for Obama either, but I’m sure it will get a lot better with a Daley in the WH, yeah Obama’s all about change. Bwahahahahahaha

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