December 19: Healing

Prompt: Healing. What healed you this year? Was it sudden, or a drip-by-drip evolution? How would you like to be healed in 2011?
(Author: Leoni Allan — 2011 Creating Your Goddess Year — @GoddessLeoni)

It came at the end of the year, but my one Rolfing session really healed me. It was sudden and drip-by-drip. But mostly sudden. It’s a form of bodywork that I’d heard a lot about, both in vagaries from celebrity shit over the years and from specifics from someone that I actually know. For a lot of years, I was under the impression (as are many people) that it was going to be very painful. But it absolutely wasn’t, and it was revolutionary. The minute I stood up afterward, I was completely re-aligned. I was standing differently, I was holding myself differently *without having to work at it.* Also, I cried for the first time during any sort of bodywork I’ve ever had done. I always assumed there come some time where I’d have a massage or something that would unearth and release old stuff hidden in my body, but it’s never happened. During my session, my Rolfer gently manipulated my abdomen, and I found myself crying … I tried to hold back and then I was like … why? Why not get fucking healed, you know? So, I told her I was fine but that I was going to cry and she was fine with it and I just cried. It was definitely one of those releases where I knew I was getting rid of stuff, but my mind had no memories. I wasn’t sad about anything in particular as far as I was conscious of. But I was terribly sad. It was a good session all around.

How would I like to be healed in the new year? Definitely more Rolfing. And I’d like to have my body image healed — I want to see myself as someone whose body I can love; can get behind. Someone who’s pretty and sexy and not overweight and hating. So, that’s some stuff.


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