December 14: Appreciate

Prompt: Appreciate. What’s the one thing you have come to appreciate most in the past year? How do you express gratitude for it?
(Author: Victoria Klein — 27 Things to Know About Yoga –@victoriaklein)

Two things come instantly to mind.

My sobriety. A lot of people have relapsed that have double digit sobriety, and recently a lot of people have died, too. Young people — not always older people slowly dying of alcoholism. These are young people who just couldn’t get their heads/arms around the idea of living differently. How do I express gratitude for it *normally?* I have been doing a shit job of expressing my gratitude, honestly. I don’t know if my alcoholism just wants me to be miserable and/or drink, but I just haven’t been getting to near enough meetings. And that never seemed to be a problem — even if I wasn’t working steps or having a hard time with whatever, meetings have always been my go-to. But, it’s just hard. Not having a job means I don’t *have* to leave the house sometimes if I don’t really want to. That all needs to change.

Flan. As in Flannery O’Connor, my cat. I’ve been worried about her on and off for a little while — she’s 16 — but, this year I really have come to appreciate her a lot more. I notice how much I talk to her and how warm she is and how much love I have for her. I am trying to express my gratitude in trying not to get annoyed when she wants to come up on me (like right now) and loving her for every minute I have her. She’s the smussy in smussyolay.

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