December 2: Writing

Writing. What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it?
(Author: Leo Babauta — @zen_habits

Two big things.

Television — watching too much television. Can I eliminate it? On the surface, of course. It’s not necessary for me to live. But I enjoy it and I also think it contributes to my connections with other people, keeps me informed about stuff and keeps my writing interesting and funny. However, at this point, I am somewhere with a DVR, so I think I could set aside more dedicated time to watching TV — like I’m only going to watch tv at this time or on this day or whatever. I could be much more judicious about it.

Internet — again, a weird thing. I definitely need the internet just to post my blogs here. And while I’m writing, sometimes I need to go roaming around the world wide web to research something. But, I can very quickly get caught down a rabbit hole. And the internet brings with it the constant, self-reflecting, ego checks of Facebook and Twitter. Nothing’s changed since the last five minutes I checked, most likely. Why am I hitting that button *again*? Could I lost the internet? Not the internet? And honestly, I don’t know that I can lose Facebook and Twitter, either. On a survival level, yes, of course. I don’t need these things to breathe and eat, either. But, i think they do bring something integral to my relationships and therefore, my writing.

I think there are several programs which lock you out of the internet for a specified time so that one can write or get whatever else work that one needs to get done. Maybe time to look into that. The other thing that is hard is that when I’m working on things, I’m incredibly ADD, so I am working on something and remember an email I need to send (I just thought of two right now).

I’m very undisciplined and just need to find a real meaningful way to get some structure.


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