i can’t keep from snickering

so. i wasn’t going to write about this, but it just keeps coming up. a friend of mine is moving away from chicago because his landlord is converting their two flat into a single family home. he’s lived there for 12 years. due to a variety of mitigating circumstances, he’s going to move back to his hometown … ostensibly, for awhile. he has a job that where he can work remotely, so location isn’t an issue.

here’s the thing. when he first announced this decision, there was a facebook thread where people were asking questions, lamenting his leaving and contemplating his return. this included his landlord, who of course, was the impetus for his departure. all i said was that “the power of inertia scares me.” my point was, of course, that once people end up somewhere, it usually sees them staying somewhere. it’s physics, right, bob?

it’s newton’s first law of motion:

First law: Every body remains in a state of rest or uniform motion (constant velocity) unless it is acted upon by an external unbalanced force. [2][3][4] This means that in the absence of a non-zero net force, the center of mass of a body either remains at rest, or moves at a constant speed in a straight line.

basically … i know bob says this isn’t exactly right, but i say it’s inertia.

Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to a change in its state of motion or rest.

so, let’s combine the two. things stay at rest unless acted upon (having to move). but if they end up resting again, they resist a change in their state of motion or rest (moving back to chicago).

that’s all i meant by the statement. BUT … i got erased. unless i was in a black out and erased myself, he erased my statement. zapped from the thread. censored. can’t figure out why. i’m pretty sure i’m remembering this right, because we haven’t talked since. i haven’t talked to him and he hasn’t talked to me. he’s moving away and we haven’t even made the effort to say goodbye. huh.

here’s what keeps me laughing. there’s been repeated posts and photos where people keep saying over and over and over that “he’d better come back” and asking what he’s going to do and all of this business. and i just keep snickering to myself. cause it’s like. yeah, you can hope that. but it’s physics, people. can you argue with physics? now, if it was someone like me who couldn’t stand not to be in a city, you know i’d come running back … but then again, if it was someone like me who couldn’t stand not to be in a city … i’d *never leave in the first place.* catch my drift?

so, you can wish and hope and lightly needle over facebook. or you can make a very plain statement of fact. the power of inertia is strong. and if you’re hoping that someone returns to your fair city, that should scare you. i’m done being “scared.” i just think the whole thing is funny. i’ve come to the conclusion that you can’t really miss someone who was never really here in the first place.


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