on second thought

this post is going to have a whole other context given that all the election day results have come in, and from where i’m sitting, they’re not very promising. in my opinion, it’s like hope and change have been replaced by hysteria and crazy. it’s fine if you aren’t a democrat or you don’t agree with obama. it’s okay to not agree with me. but i just can’t understand where we’ve gotten to a place where the supporters of the new senator from kentucky stomped on a woman’s head at his rally just a few days ago, and found ways to justify it. that’s some top-rate, A-1, crazy right there.

originally, i was going to say that i’d been disillusioned with the last two years of obama’s presidency. but not in the way that a lot of his critics have been. i don’t think he’s some socialist freak out to “take my freedoms.” in fact, i wish he *were* more of a socialist freak. i was hugely disappointed when i didn’t get a single payer health care system. i was sad to see that there wasn’t more regulation of the banks and the towers of high finance and all the fucks who got us into the financial disaster/economic crisis we are in and for which obama is nobly getting us out of, slowly but surely. i wanted to see some people get schooled, scorned, showed that they could not continue to get rich — filthy rich — by continuing to play some sick back door gambling game on the country’s dime. i want to see ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ repealed. now. not only does everyone and their brother think it’s a good idea, GWB had no problem throwing around those signing statements. why not use a few to good account, O? i want guantanamo closed. now. end of story. i want the democrats to stop acting afraid of their own shadows and to start acting like they own/ed the place.

it might be too late for all of that, it seems. but, the point was that i always thought that i might tell president obama a little of this if i ever had cause to run into him. i was disappointed that jon stewart didn’t give him a little more what for when obama dropped by the daily show last week. (1) i really wanted him to be a little more direct in his criticism of him and not let obama get at him so much.

but i realized that there’s still something commanding about the man. my friend, d, who is originally from hyde park, was having brunch with two of her friends when obama came into the restaurant where they were eating. she posted some photos to her facebook account, as well as a youtube video of her and her friends describing how it all happened. and as i looked at the photos i realized — oh, who am i kidding? i wouldn’t have said any of that stuff. i would have been completely star struck and beside myself to meet the president. i would have been telling him how great it was to meet him and how great of a job i thought he was doing and to hang in there and this and that and ….

i can’t imagine the job he has. i can’t imagine all the extraordinary stress he has just being obama. i’ve never heard such bullshit slander about a president as i have about him. i just pray that he has something strong that he believes in and knows is watching him and guiding him as he goes about his everyday life. yeah, i said it. i hope obama’s belief in god or something is absolutely real and that he can count on it. cause, fuck. what a life.

so, there’s a lot of stuff that is weighing on me, obama. but if i got a chance to meet you, chances are it’d be all hearts and smiles. and for a lighthearted way to help me remember just how good it is now compared to then, there’s always this.

(1) interesting take on the appearance on the huffington post.


One thought on “on second thought

  1. See if you are going to post about the Rand Wacko’s then please comment on the Wackadoodles threatening Repubs outside the polling places all over and MSNBC commenting “well that’s understandable because it would appear hope and change is on hold and people are frustrated”. Here’s the bottom line. Obama says “please please pass my package unemployment won’t go above 8% if you do”. Well they did and it’s at 10%. Pass this “there are shovel ready jobs out there”. Oops no such thing. Pass health care reform and “premiums will go down.” Oops wrong again. This has been the biggest change in over 70 years, and we aren’t even talking about the ten governor seats that have changed. Spin it all you want. People have rejected his views. Don’t think for a minute there won’t be strong talk about a primary fight or the very least getting goof Biden off the ticket. The key is today. If he humbles himself like Clinton after the big changeover he’ll be fine. If he pulls his elitist liberal crap of “he knows better” and digs his heels in, he’s done.

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