feeling like it’s time

i’ve been away for awhile. i can’t even say exactly why. laziness, apathy, depression. confusion, disregard, lack of direction. yep. but i’m feeling like i need re-establish contact here. like i need to get my voice back. pre-emptively, perhaps. in preparation. in practice. to pave the way for shaking off inertia and getting back to life. to work. to feeling like i’m a member of the human race.

things have got to change. all over the place. and i feel like maybe this will be a first step in that. so, here i am. in the artist’s way, they encourage the participant to do these ‘morning pages,’ which are three pages of free-form writing. i might start doing it and bringing it here. i might just start trying to write once a day again. i really don’t know. but i do know that i’m coming back to the smussyolay. i’ve had this blog for six years, and there’s no reason to walk away now. i just took a little break. and i’m back.

i always have a little breakdown every fall, and it would stand to reason that this fall would take its course as well. come along for the ride as i know it.


One thought on “feeling like it’s time

  1. Hi Jocelyn,
    It’s Alexis your writer friend–
    Since we both have blogs. Why dont we have a friendly contest. We will write in our blogs every day for a month and post one video post during that time. We will commit to private email to support each other when things feel bad. And maybe if you want a cell phone call for extra support. I want to see you writing again. Esp…getting an outline for your book.

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