it’s the time of the season for giving

it’s christmas in late september! “what in the hell are you talking about?,” you say. well, my darling love, CHIRP radio, is continuing our year one campaign. and you can help. there are various levels that you can donate at and get a snazzy gift (t-shirt, coffee mug/soup bowl, messenger bag); you can donate as a sustaining member for as little as $10 a month, or you can just put some money in the jar as it were — even $5 helps out a lot. you can go right to to donate.

IF you should choose to do so, it would be pretty helpful to little ol’ me if you tell them who sent you. if you don’t know who i really am, drop me a line at smussyolay (at) gmail (dot) com and i’ll give you more specifics, since all the CHIRPers might not know who smussyolay is. but i’ll give them a heads up anyway.

and even if you can’t give … please tune in to the great thing about being on the internet right now is that you can listen from anywhere. i’ve had people listen to me in FRANCE! fancy, fancy. i’m generally on the air on Fridays from 12-3. you can IM me and make a request. and if you have a smartphone, you can listen there, too. you don’t even have to be by a computer. if you need instructions, you can go to

it’s a wonderful thing to be a part of creating a radio station from scratch, and it’s really wonderful to provide an alternative to all the corporate radio out there. we’re non-profit, non-commercial, all-volunteer. we don’t get any money from anyone — we get grants, underwriting and lots and lots of listener supported contribution. show me/us some love.


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