you won’t be disappointed

despite the fact that any time i come over here to write a blog post, it ends up in draft. seriously, i don’t know what my problem is. i can’t finish a blog post to save my effin’ life. it’s ridiculous. most of the time, i don’t even try at this point, because i know what happens. but even when i come over here with an awesome idea; one that seems to have a great start, a juicy middle, and what normally takes care of itself in the ending department, it always falls flat. i find myself struggling to make sentences meet. i find myself wandering off somewhere in the middle. distracted by my own thoughts, losing interest a paragraph in.

how can i not care about what i am saying and expect anyone else to? i want them to care — there’s this place called The Printed Blog on facebook taking nominations for bloggers and photographers to be nominated to be a part of their TV pilot. i nominated myself, and thought, “hmm. maybe i ought to try and put up a new blog post if i’m saying i am a blogger. i haven’t been very consistent at the old Smussyolay in awhile. i mean, i am a blogger and i used to blog a lot and i know i can blog like a mofo and my YouTube is pretty good and i can throw down on the Flickr and all, but actions speak louder than words, right?” so, i thought i’d come over here and try and give them something to look at besides an audio post about me regretting the past.

here’s the deal. i had already started one post about me nominating myself — and stopped in the middle. seriously, i don’t know what my problem is. what happened to my ability to write? should i start my endeavor to vlog again? should i do it all in the form of a shark puppet? i’m at a loss. but i got right back up on the horse again and was like … “oh, no. you ARE posting something, man. dude. young lady. whatever the fuck i’m supposed to be calling myself in the third person.”

so, this is it. me with a lame ass post trying to leave a trail of evidence for The Printed Blog people that i *do* actually write and that people who have been reading this blog actually find/found it funny, creative, useful, informative, interesting, unique, what-have-you. amen.


2 thoughts on “you won’t be disappointed

  1. Well when asked in an interview, what was the number one thing that one must do in order to get big numbers of followers, the most successful blogger of all time said “blog daily”.

  2. I’d recommend not referring to yourself in the third person, but instead talking about “the smuss” like she is someone else

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