some things pretty much stay the same

i am packing; getting ready for a move. i found these things dated “9/16.”  but they’re written on an American National Bank notepad, so we’re talking late ’90s here.  have *no* clue what prompted these thoughts or what prompted me to write them down for future reference.

“need to establish grass-roots, popular democracy.

need to ensure that capitalists see the benefits to a more popular democracy. profits would probably decrease to start, but would flourish soon after with:

  • healthier workers
  • more content workers
  • equal workers
  • workers with more money
  • workers with equal opportunities for education

in order to START such a revolution, wide-spread education of such premises would need to be distributed/available on a LARGE, country-wide scale.

  • incur wrath from strong opponents
  • need capital to be able to afford time, materials, venues, power

how to get the money?

*are* there ANY rich socialists/popular democrats?

how to RAISE the money?

most people interested or most likely to benefits from this don’t have a lot of money OR power.

use the help of churches, unions, schools?

get grant from government (unlikely)?

get medium-sized business owners to participate?


have no clue what spurred that.  seems like i’m right on board, though.  i can pick up where i left off 10 years ago.


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