some things are just as good the third time around

i was g-chatting with a friend tonight, and i was reminded of this poem i wrote a long time ago. i went searching through the archives to find it, and it seems i wrote it exactly 6 years ago.  it’s actually pretty relevant, because it’s been something like 5 years since i’ve kissed anyone with any regularity. well, honestly, it’s been 5 years since i’ve really kissed anyone. i think there may have been 4 total rando kisses in 5 years.  nothing to write home about.  nothing to even discuss, really.  and honestly, people talk the talk, but they rarely walk the walk. kissing is SO *under*rated.  if you’re a really good kisser, you’ve got a golden skill, as far as i’m concerned.  anyway … i ought to shut up.  my mind is wandering.  here’s this old thing:

my m.o.

a kiss (new) is hardly ever so sweet (tentative) as the first time (exploring)

the silent song (slow) of tongues meshing (tender) late into the night (lingering)

the dull ache (don’t interrupt) of uncomfortable positions held for hours (a moment of magic)

making out (intense) is not a skill (hungry) for the weak-willed (passion)


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