okay.  people laugh when i say i’m afraid of tumbleweeds and stuff … but! how many sinkholes have there been recently!? at least two in two weeks, right? freakout!

i was also at a friend’s lake house this weekend and i started talking about my phobia of big things, and i realized i have a list of things that are just strange phobias. so. here they are. (i’m probably leaving things out.)

oversized things

big signs

band aids




sticky things

getting vertigo/being pushed off the el platform

i think that’s it for now. you have any weird phobia-ish stuff? my friend, adam, hates feet. weirdo.


One thought on “phobias

  1. Frogs. I have a morbid fear of frogs. I have no idea where it came from, but even a picture of a frog is enough to make my stomach churn. In fact just writing the word “frog” makes my skin crawl.

    Also bridges. Driving over bridges more specifically and the fact that they may collapse beneath me and I’ll die a horrible painful death. I brace myself anytime I drive over a bridge.

    Odd, I know.

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