got a flan on me

hmm. i’m writing over at the other place a little. maybe it’s just good to have some stuff to show people, just in case. i’ve gotten some supportive emails saying, hey … keep this up, we like it, so what? but, you guys aren’t gonna send me a big fat rent check this month, either, right? on the other hand, neither is either one of these blogs or some random ass commenter, either. so, ho-hum.

i DO have a flan on me, and yes, my cat’s breath does currently smell like cat food. a big surprise, i’m sure. but she eats wet and dry food, and it’s only when she eats wet food that it’s actually an issue. oh, i do love the flannie. she is such a good smussio. i wish everyone could come and see her and give her some good vibes. she is a good cat.

so. “The First Time.” if you’re in Chicago next Wed., you should come. It’s at Uncommon Ground, Devon. it’s at 8 p.m., and it’s a reading series that benefits CHIRP. cool stuff. people read a piece, then a band plays music related to said piece. the themes will always be “The First Time _______”

since it’s the FIRST time we’re doing it, it will be about people’s first time … doing it. i think it’s going to be a real blast and i’ve got some great people lined up. i think it will be very successful and we anticipate doing it every other month, at least. so come on out … $10 suggested donation; call to make dinner reservations to guarantee seating. YAY. i got a flan on me.

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