i’ve been thinking

about that person’s comment the other day. i’ve gone around and about for years about what i should do with this blog. i think i’m going to have a new blog that is still me, still talking about all sorts of stuff, like i do. but, it’ll have my real name on it. i won’t have to hide or anything. and i think i’m going to keep this blog, too. and i’ll still talk recovery and manic-depression and all sorts of stuff. but i won’t have to worry if i want to get all dark and deep at 3 am sometimes. i start to censor myself lately … for those same reasons the last person mentioned. jobs and such.

now, i’m not sure why the person wouldn’t hire me. they’re afraid of hiring a crazy person? they’re afraid of the press to their company (i’m just not that important, right?)? they just don’t like me the way i am? some people would say fuck that kind of company. and i hear that loud and clear. and some people would say that you have to watch what you do, watch what you say, grow up a little. and i hear that loud and clear, too.

so really this time. if you want to still read the smussyolay, then email me. smussyolay at gmail dot com. and i’ll figure it out. i’ll hook you up. otherwise, i’ll also be blogging at jocelyngeboy.wordpress.com. i’ll give it until 5/15 and then i’ll make the permanent switch. olay.


3 thoughts on “i’ve been thinking

  1. Glad to see you are looking at change. Change is good. Just ask me I love the bullpen.

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