it’s time to talk

i guess it’s time to talk health care. i just have put my head in the sand for a long time — way back in the earlyl summer, i guess — when it became apparent to me that the option of a universal, single payer system was so completely off the table. honestly, a public option was what i was promised — or at least that’s what i got out of it, and having that taken away left me defeated. i guess i wasn’t surprised per se, because i thought that there’d be some way to compromise that would still be fairly satisfactory. but not too long after wading into the bipartisanship waters, it became clear to me that something was going wrong.

it was kind of like both parties were in the ocean — the bush administration had put a huge hole in the titanic and it was sinking fast, and now we were being left to fend for ourselves and find a way to survive; to make do and get things back on course and try and save the ship. there were a bunch of democrats in a life boat who had a vision of what to do and a plan of action. they could see the wreckage and knew it wasn’t going to be easy *at all,* but they had a boat and could start picking people up, one by one.

they would come up to republicans, floating in the water, hanging on to pieces of the boat they had sunk themselves and they would reach out, offering to get them on board, asking them to help them with the plan. but the republicans hate/d the democrats so much, they would actually reach out and try and puncture the life boat and take the democrats down with them. they would shout out and tell the survivors that the democrats were sinking the boat further and that they all should wreck the life boat and punish them and send them to a watery death.

now, instead of seeing these people for the fucking crazies they are, the democrats would row away a little and regroup. they didn’t want to see everyone die. they promised to try and save as many people as possible and they wanted to get the republicans to help. when people were saved, they wanted to say that everyone had put in a group effort. so, they’d row back up to the republicans with a new solution; maybe they’d be more likely to try this one and want to help try and save people this way. but now, the republicans had gathered a group of survivors who were hungry and thirsty and weary and just delirious enough to believe what they were selling. and they all lashed out and tried to sink the democrats’ life boat. lashing, slashing, grabbing for the boat. trying to sink it and poke holes in it anywhere they could. swimming around it, menacing like sharks.

again, the democrats would row away, sadly shaking their heads, wondering what they were doing wrong.

what they were doing wrong was continuing to go back to shark infested waters looking for assistance and cooperation. at some point, you just do what you have to do and start saving people. if people are trying to drag you down with them, you don’t negotiate with them. even the most amateur lifeguard knows that. you knock them the fuck out and *then* get them to shore. and when safety is a concern, you make sure everyone is on the same page. if your lifeguards start getting mouthy, you make sure that they know they’d better figure out who’s running the show, or they’ll be gone.

that was one thing that continued to haunt me over the summer as well. how these ‘blue dog’ democrats would continue to break from the party. fuck you. if you’re going to have D after your name, be a fucking D. if you’re trying to save your seat in nebraska, then maybe you should have been an R after all. what the hell?

i know that everyone is super happy about this bill passing and that it’s all historical and from the way the right is acting about it, you’d think that i have free government socialist healthcare tomorrow. hardly. i actually don’t see how anything is different for me for quite some time. i’m happy it passed — i’m hoping like other landmark legislation, it’s the basis from which more change can occur. but, the drama and the deep hatred that has flown over this issue has been disgusting.

and what about that? if even a 1/25th of the stuff that has gone down during all this crap went down during bush, you’d find a bunch of people in jail right now — maybe even some of them u.s. government officials. yelling things out during presidential addresses, during congressional procedures? bringing guns to protests? calling elected officials “faggot” and “nigger?” what the motherfuck? oh, did i mention the spitting? again, i’m all for turning the other cheek, but why aren’t we addressing that stuff — that dude needs to do a little jail time. it’s okay to let the guy face assault charges for that shit. that’s not made up stuff. that’s not going overboard. that’s just the law.

bringing guns to a protest where the president’s going to be? yeah, i’m sorry. that’s not me being overprotective. that’s just plain crazytown. i’m all for first amendment rights. like bring the KKK to town, if that’s what your town wants. i’ll be there to counterprotest, but i think they have the right to peaceably assemble. but not with guns.

one of the things that drives me absolutely batty is the idea of doubletalk — the double standard. when i want something to be my way, “blah blah blah blah.” but when i want it this other way, “blah blah blah blah.” or now that you want it this very same way, “opposite blah blah blah blah.” just blows my mind. especially in the age of digital recordings, internet, archiving, etc. you know we have that on TAPE, right? you know jon stewart’s going to show you saying exactly the opposite thing, right? you hypocrite.

so, it’s healthcare. it’s been long and arduous and most of the time, i’ve tried to ignore it all because it makes me too mad and too sad and too generally heartbroken. this is a victory, but i just can’t settle for this. this is like winning little league when you had the chance to be in contention for the olympics. we need to try again. we need to go for the gold.


9 thoughts on “it’s time to talk

  1. Are all you libs just so drunk on Obama that you can’t see reality? What did I say when big ears got elected? I said he would be a one timer and his approval ratings would eventually be worse than Bush’s. Not only that there would be a massive shift to Repubs in 2010. C’mon the most Democratic seat in history went Repub just recently. Pelosi and Boxer are in serious trouble, and you are talking about people that normally win huge. Kirk’s a shoe-in. Remember When Pelosi said “we got numbers we don’t need Repubs?”. Well wait until they lose numbers. This bill is a crock. I start paying taxes now and maybe get benefits in 14. That’s just great. This thing will collapse on itself way before then.

  2. And speaking of double standards did you get a load of Monique Davis’s slam on Hispanics? Probably not since it was buried in the SunTimes.

  3. And why would you have to even argue an amendment that would bar Viagra for sex offenders? But yet that’s what’s happening as I type this.

  4. 1. Quit assuming what my comment is in regards to.
    2. It is certainly not a “yay Obama’s the best” comment.
    3. It is about the “I’m way more left than what this piece of shit legislation is.”
    4. Lord, the best that the Republicans can come up with is lame ass amendments that will allow them to run ads saying that Democrats love sex offenders because they want to give them Viagra? Shit, I hope the Democrats run ads stating that Republicans want small children to die without access to health care. It’s not like that one isn’t true then.

    Honestly – get over your slurs. And have some substantive ides. At least the Democrats aren’t advocating violence like your side is – see Sarah Palin’s FB crosshairs page or Glenn Beck every single night. Or the tea bagger who put the address of a person up on the internet who voted for the bill and now has had his gasline severed.

    Yeah, when you have an idea that doesn’t involve Viagra (either for old men or against sex offenders getting it). How about no more Viagra with federal money? Seems fair to me. Why does it have to be just sex offenders? Do men have a constitutional right to get hard? I know women don’t have the right to reproductive care.

  5. Boy if you think that’s a slur you haven’t spent much time on th south side. Ok 2 very good ideas that would lower costs that the dems won’t even consider. Allow insurance companies to cross state lines and medical mal reform. Those are just a couple. So far no one has been able to tell me my coverage will stay the same. All I see is it getting worse for the sake of getting others coverage. Look I’m just getting tired of getting hammered on taxes and things
    not changing regardless of who is in power.

  6. Where are the priorities on this blog? Iggy has done his last stage dive since some chowderheads didn’t catch him. This is a far more serious matter than health care.

  7. Well well well AT&T has just announced that they will cut health benefits because of this piece of crappola. 3 other major companies have announced the same thing. Big win for the middle class. What a crock. This is what I don’t get. People like me have been saying since Clinton tried this that the end result would be companies would offer just plain crap, or pay the fine and offer nothing. Now it happens and somehow that’s my my fault.

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