letting it all hang out

i just posted some photos to my facebook account, and there was a set of candids of the same 5 people in the same general positions, over and over again. if you click through them quickly, it’s almost like a flipbook. we’re at a conference in a hotel, and i notice that both guys don’t have their shirts on. it occurred to me as i looked at the pictures that a lot of guys tend to not want to have their shirts on if they can help it — if they’re relaxing or at home or whatever.

for a second i thought, “well, isn’t that nice. guys get that luxury. they can just walk around with their shirts off whenever they please. society doesn’t see that as anything bad or weird or sexual.” and instantly, i realized … hey. i don’t WANT to walk around with my shirt off. honestly, i wouldn’t want my breasts out in the open. they’re pretty sensitive — to pain, to hot, cold, to chafing, to any sort of exposure, really. i wouldn’t want anything to get on them or to have them brush up against anything. i wouldn’t want the wind to be blowing on them. i wouldn’t want to take the chance that they’d get hurt or aroused or fucked up in any way. i’ll keep them under wraps until it’s a good time to have them be otherwise.

i mean, i don’t really think guys are eager to walk around with their sack hanging out. they may want to have loose pants, somewhere to stick their hands while they lie on the couch, so they can keep track of where their balls are at all times … if they’re itching, if they are too hot, too cold, too something. i don’t know why guys are always wanting to touch their crotch. i don’t want to walk around with my hands on my boobs. but whatever, dudes. grab your own junk while you let the rest all hang out.


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