embarrassing and bizarre

so i’m cleaning just now and i have a song in my head. it’s kind of floating around in there and it’s sorta catchy. what is it? i ask myself. then i realize …. ehhh. it’s this song. get past the first :40 of that clip and wait for “the wolf pack.”

now, i haven’t been watching any reality tv on VH1 lately. no sex rehab, no ray J, no real chance of love 2. none of that shit that i was all trashed out with for awhile. i didn’t even watch the last season of project runway on lifetime or top chef!!! which is kind of crazy for a reality tv junkie like me. i don’t know. i just let them trail off.

and i am afraid to watch hoarders in the fear that i’ll see me. even if it’s a minor version of myself.

but, the other day i ended up with VH1 on and this episode of “for the love of ray J” that had that disco challenge was on and i even thought that song was catchy at the time (and ray J’s sister, brandy, likes it, too). but then i had the tv on again or left it on and some more of the show came on and i ended up watching a few more episodes and that particular episode came on AGAIN. so …. subconscious — record.

and here i am, hanging shit in my closet, with a song that’s not really a song in my head … and not only that, but a song that’s not really a song from a reality tv show in my head. dear god.

so, that’s my embarrassing blog post for the day. aren’t y’all glad i’m back?


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