please stay away from my ovaries, hey?

so, my friend amy just tweeted that she saw a commercial that told men that they could do something great for “their women,” like schedule a pap smear for them.  huh?  that’s weird and gross.  i can’t manage that myself? here’s the creepy commercial/PSA.  i guess i’ll schedule a prostate exam for the man i love.  ??

some like-minded bloggers here and here  and the aforementioned amy here.

THEN, i saw a new commercial for nuva ring where they meta-reference an old commercial of theirs.

and in it, the one lady kind of is pressuring the other ladies to change their birth control to nuva ring.  now, i’m all for hyping things you really like, no matter what it is.  but this just bugs me because it’s like … hey.  if i’m on the pill and i remember to take it every day and it’s working for me, it seems really stupid and even somewhat irresponsible to go and change things up just for shits and giggles. 

seems best in medicine and health to keep things at a status quo. and since the premise here is that nuva ring works the same as the pill, with the same efficacy (if used properly — which is always the catch with the pill as well), why go and switch it up unless you’re having a problem using the pill?

cause it’s a new product with a new patent and the drug companies want to make money. even a friend of mine who recently went to get birth control was suggested to get the nuva ring. i just find that odd.  but it makes me more mad to see these weird commercials with people — women included — all trying to get up in my biz, trying to schedule my pap smears and change my birth control.

for what it’s worth, i haven’t been on the pill in a long time and now that i’m 35, they get a lot more screen-y about it with the risk of blood clots and all.  but, i just don’t like the tone of these commercials. and that pap smear one, forgetaboutit.


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