for the love of all that is holy

“radio is dead,” people like to say.  nietzsche said god was dead, too, but clearly he was off the mark.  radio isn’t dead by a long shot.  it’s not dead on the traditional airwaves, it’s not dead on HD, it’s not dead by satellite and it’s not dead on the internet. 

it pains me to think that radio is going anywhere because radio has always been such an integral part of who i am and where i’m going — figuratively and literally.  it’s brought me the bands and influences that make me who i am today:  the oldies station all through childhood, the top 40s station as a teenager, the college radio station that expanded my music library and vocabulary beyond my wildest dreams as a young adult, and the mix of chicago radio stations that continue to bring me new music, pop hits and old favorites up until this present moment.  

it’s taken me on countless road trips, been the soundtrack to endless evenings, helped me write numerous letters and pieces of art, and been a constant companion — at work, school, home, play and travel.  i’ve come to know DJs on a personal level; the hours i’ve spent coming to know their idiosyncrasies, their turns of phrase, their favorite artists, have all been well spent.  i’ve waited through 4 minutes of commercials for one favorite song.  i’ve called in for tickets, held on to make a request, and spent the next 4 songs making idle chatter with a bored DJ until the next break.  i’ve loved radio and it’s loved me.

it’s with happy heart that i am becoming involved with a radio station again.  CHIRP — the Chicago Independent Radio Project — is a non-profit organization that is bringing local community radio to Chicago.  we are launching in january, online at, and i’m really happy to be a part of it.  i’m the events director for the station and we have a lot of exciting things coming up: launch party, concerts, fundraisers, reading events, etc.  local music, arts, culture, community.  those are some of the things we want to focus on and highlight at CHIRP.

we have built our studio with our own hands (literally) from the ground up (literally).  and we will need help.  we have partnered with kickstarter, an organization that helps people fundraise. the gist is that people donate and people who have pledged to donate don’t pay until the entire goal is raised.  it’s cool — it’s like the point, or groupon.  it’s based on a tipping point sort of system.  our goal was to raise enough money for our first year of streaming costs.  we have met that goal, but since we decided to be conservative in order to meet our goal, we’d like to expand our campaign to cover our first year of archiving and music licensing fees as well. This would mean we’d need to raise another $1000, for a total of $5800. 

right now, as of 12:05 am, 11/10/09 (9, 10, 11!!)  we have 160 backers at $5,346.  you can help out by pledging something … any amount is appreciated, but if you go to the site  you will see that various levels have various different incentives/gifts attached to them.  i will tell you this — if you are able to pledge $100 — there are limited edition mix CDs by the various DJs, one of whom is myself.  apparently, someone has already pledged for one of them.  so there are two left.  here is the description:

Selection #7 from our extremely limited edition CHIRP DJ mix CD series: Not One More Note of Winter: Chicago winters last far too long, and it’s always nice to have a piece of our best season to take with you everywhere. Lively pop songs bring summer’s radiant tones and bright lyrics to warm up the chilliest of fall nights and coldest of winter days, curated by CHIRP Events Director Jocelyn Geboy.

so that’s that.  get on it … $1 or $5 is just fine.  but so is $50 or $500!   YAY radio!!  YAY CHIRP!

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